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June 2019

1. tier school HF

The first-level school for the formation of the Housing First project operators was held from 3 at 6 June Nola (NA) thanks to the support of the SICAR Foundation and Caritas Nola
Attended 31 people from 25 entities present in 16 City (Rovigo, Gorizia, Udine, Milan, Legnano (MI), Verona, Turin, Lucca, Rome, Pescara, Bari, how (NA), Naples, Noto, Modica, Ragusa); 3 responsible for services for PSD from the municipalities of Milan, Udine and Naples

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2. PON Update Alert 4

During the first 6 months of 2019 have increased the support activities, by the Federation, to the territories engaged in activities relating to PON projects Notice 4
The Federation participates with tasks assigned by City, Territorial Areas and Regions. The closed positions to now provide:

  • 1.500 Accompanying hours to the territory to support the establishment and management of the cabins director, the identification of good work practices for taking care of the homeless, the construction of inter-institutional collaborations
  • 600 hours of training with the involvement of people who have already developed experiences and marked skills in working with homeless people
  • 700 hour monitoring (including hours of monitoring with the University of Bologna)

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3. Feantsa Conference Report

The 30-31 It may was held in the Port Feantsa Policy Conference; the fio.PSD took part in two intense days of European exchange and debate on the subject Homelessness
On this occasion Commissioner Marie Anne Paraskevas He has announced the allocation of 100 billion for ESF funds +
During the Workshop on Multifinancial Funding coordinated by Ruth Owen, Italy has been cited as best practice for programming and’integrated use of ESF and FEAD which he led to interesting ideas for the new ESF Regulation +
some publications have also been presented that also fio.PSD attended and that can be read by Library FIO. PSD

4. The Taste Routes

Kicking off the project The taste routes, under the program Never Alone fio.PSD of which is national partner

What is Never Alone?
Never Alone is an initiative that develops on the Italian territory and is dedicated to unaccompanied minors, to promote their acceptance and integration….

What is The Taste Routes?
The project The Taste Routes has its focus in the accompaniment to the autonomy of the Foreign Minors Unaccompanied by gripping paths in integrated load….

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5. We.Ca.Re. Piedmont

The project We.Ca.Re. (Regional Welfare Shipyard), as reported in the Position Paper "Combining social cohesion, welfare and economic development at a local and European perspective” (Piedmont Region, September 2016), It defines a vision that puts the centrality of the system on the Individual, as hub of a network of relationships
In November 2018, fio.PSD participated in a co-design view promoted by the City of Turin, as part of the Regional Program We.Ca.Re
The Piedmont Region has launched a highly innovative and experimental process in order to give a decisive boost in integrated policies for the welfare and economic development, involving local authorities

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6. Elastic, last meeting

Will be held Wednesday 19 in Brussels the final event of Elastic project which involved 10 reality from different European countries
ELASTIC The project has set itself the goal of increasing the skills and digital capabilities of the professionals working in the field of education and social inclusion of adults living in conditions of extreme vulnerability
You meetings are held in these two years Bologna, Warsaw, Santander, Prague and again Bologna

7. Event “my Bum”

The 23 It may was held in the Imola’event-before short my Bum and it has been a success
my Bum It is a Short Film Gian Marco Pezzoli and designed by Martha Bedell
And’ It was an opportunity to talk about those who are not people for many, to which many people devote to them a feeling of indifference or contempt

At the meeting They were attended by several members of the reality fio.PSD: Caritas Imola, Diocesan Caritas of Rome, Piazza Grande, Foundation House of Charity "A. Abriani "

Those interested in organizing a similar event in their city can contact us by mail

8. News from Europe

In this issue:

1) tier school HF
2) PON Update Alert 4
3) Feantsa Conference Report
4) The Taste Routes
5) We.Ca.Re. Piedmont
6) Elastic last meeting
7) Event “my Bum”
8) News from Europe


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