The intermediate Elastic Project event took place in Santander (Spain) on 13th and 14th septembre 2018, hosted by EAPN:

The objectives of the meeting were:

  • Evaluation of the ELASTIC project first year
  • Evaluation of the activity plan progress
  • Monitoring of the ELASTIC Project budget
  • Proposals and planning of the second year of implemention


September 13th:

Open Group: Elastic Project, first year report;

Asp Bologna – Good Practices Exchanges and local dissemination in Bologna;

Documenta – Training Events report;

SAN – The first training event evaluation;

Diesis Coop: Staff meetings evaluation;

fio.PSD – Dissemination, what has been done and how to improve it;

Then the group discussed about the second year of the project and the next meeting that will take place in Prague from 20th to 21st of novembre

The second day of the meeting was dedicated to an exchange visit to a local organization (AMICA)

Recycling centre of AMICA

Laundry of AMICA

Amica is a social initiative whose mission is to discover the capacities that exist in each person, supporting them in the limitations, autonomy, the exercise of rights and participation with responsibilities in the community, so that they can be the protagonist of their life and change. necessary social

Its objective is to be a resource to promote networks of support and accompaniment to the person in the community, through collaborative innovation projects

EAPN proposed to visit AMICA (which is a mamber of EAPN network itself) to study how they support integration and employment of disabled people through, among others, digital tools

The meeting was also used to collect reports, documents, feedbacks and anything that was useful to complete the intermediate project report