Alliance against poverty

Alliance Against Poverty in Italy

Alliance Against Poverty in Italy It is a set of social actors who decide to come together to help build adequate public policies against absolute poverty in our country.
In pursuing this goal, the Alliance will conduct a set of activities, related:

  • will play a work of public awareness
  • will promote a debate based on empirical evidence concerning existing and proposed interventions
  • will deal with the political forces and will pressure on them to make choices conducive to fighting poverty
  • will develop its own detailed reform proposal.

A similar Alliance was never built in Italy.

This is the first time, In fact, that such a broad social subjects creates an association to promote appropriate policies against poverty. His birth is a sign both of the urgency to respond to the spread of this serious phenomenon because of increased awareness, all proposers, that only by joining forces can try changing something.

A working group established at the Ministry of Welfare, chaired by the Vice- War Minister, has drawn up guidelines for the introduction of a new measure to combat poverty, the SIA (Support the active inclusion, ACLI and Caritas have elaborated the proposal of REIS (Income for social inclusion)

Join the Alliance: ACLI, Action Aid, ANCI, Italian Catholic Action, Caritas Italiana, CGIL- Cisl-Uil, CNCA, Community of St. Egidio, Confcooperative, The Conference of regions and autonomous provinces, National Federation of Italian Society of Saint Vincent De Paul National Council – ONLUS, FIO. PSD, Fondazione Banco Alimentare ONLUS, National Forum of the third sector, League of Autonomies, Focolare Movement, Save the Children, Jesuit Social Network.

The Alliance against poverty in Italy is the brainchild of Professor. Christian Garcia, the Catholic University of Milan, and is promoted with the help of Acli.
The Acli care organizational and political coordination-Prof. Garner will oversee the activities of the technical group.
Participation in the Alliance is open to all social actors involved in the fight against absolute poverty in Italy. We believe, In fact, that the extent of the challenge is such as to necessitate the utmost experience sharing, the skills and creativity of each

News & Updates

Monitoring Homeless and Income Inclusion

fio.PSD monitoring results (July 2018) How Observatory fio.PSD, after the killing of family members requirements for REI and the consequent widening of the audience of beneficiaries into force from July 1 2018, we started a monitoring to assess ...

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REI – New criteria for getting it

More citizens and citizens can get REI, Income From Social Inclusion 1 July decay family requirements for applying for. The INPS provides the new format of the application and the Ministry publishes the news about the new features - the...

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Include income (REI), the first data

Was held today in Rome the press conference organized by INPS and Ministry of Labor to present statistical data on Observatory Inclusion Income (REI) In the first quarter 2018 They have benefited from measures to combat poverty almost ...

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REI and homeless people

From 1 January 2018 begins the year of the REI (Income for social inclusion) Although the Decree 147/2017 setting, also at the serious marginalization, a guarantee to the right and a possible access to the extent, art. 3 poses, in fact, access policies ...

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Instructions for REI

WARNING March 1 2019, the inclusion of income can not be more in demand in April will not be recognized, it 'renovated The Inclusion Income (REI) is a measure to combat poverty by universal character, conditioned to ...

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Solidarity revenue (RES) in Emilia Romagna

Solidarity revenue (RES) in Emilia-Romagna It 'was recently signed by the Emilia-Romagna Region, ANCI, Third sector forum, Caritas Emilia-Romagna, Fondazione Banco Alimentare Emilia-Romagna , fio.PSD Trade Unions and the Protocol for the implementation of ...

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