At European level the focus on homelessness is strong and constant even through a series of networks and actors that promote the positioning of the political agenda European Commission - DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion.

Defined as a temporary housing situation, insecure and poor quality - as well as "open accommodation" - it is estimated that the homelessness It is increasing in all European countries (vedi Focus on Poverty Housing and Housing Exclusion) despite the lack of an objective and uniform measurement at European level. Every Member State fact measure the phenomenon by adopting the typology ETHOS and using different detection techniques of the data (surveys of national statistics or city count nightor point in time).

The European policies promote the general lines of action and principles of freedom, dignity and human rights Basic framed in the strategy Europe 2020, referring to the Member States the responsibility to adopt measures to that effect.

TheEuropean Consensus Conference on Homelessness: Policy Recommendations of the Jury (2010) before, and l 'European Pillar of Social Rights (beginning 19) recently, make the social dimension of the European Union an urgent political issue.

Among the priorities identified:

  • Adopt long-term strategies at national level, regional and local-based approcci housing led e housing first
  • Introduce efficient policies preventing evictions
  • Preventionand rapid interventions
  • Quality services and promotion of inclusion
  • Rapid re-housing
  • Systematic collection of data, monitoring and shared definitions

Under cohesion policy 2014-2020, among the main instruments to counter homelessness now available to member countries:


fio.PSD is full member of FEANTSA, the European network of organizations working in the field of homelessness and make part of Thematic Clusters with 8 Italian experts working, migration, housing, discrimination etc ...

We actively participate in FEAD Network

We are stakeholders in Thematic Network on Inclusion

We adhere to the observatory Housing Rights Watch

We are partners of 'Housing First HUB



fio.PSD is the Italian partner of the following projects (ERASMUS e REC) that have as their object the improvement of vocational training and social services innovation homelessness:

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IV panoramica su Housing Exclusion in Europe

It nears expiration 2020 per le politiche di coesione dell'Unione europea, tuttavia l'obiettivo della lotta contro la povertà e l'esclusione sociale entro il 2020 - it remains unreachable. Con questo 4° rapporto sui senza dimora e l'esclusione abitativa,...

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Elastic meeting in Prague

The second Training meeting of the Elastic Project took place in Prague from 20th to 22nd November This event saw the participation of all 10 project partners, hosted by the Ceska Asociace Streetwork (Czech Association Streetwork). As planned, the meeting...

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Italy Country Fiche 2018

Every year fio.PSD, as a Full member of FEANTSA, It is engaged to write the Country Profile or the summary document describing the state of homelessness in their country and the policies aimed at the serious adult marginalization For 2018 we have...

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Reports from Berlin – Feantsa Conference 2018

fio.PSD attended the FEANTSA Conference 2018 with Italian delegation led by President Cristina Avonto Interesting the initial report of Prof. O'Sullivan makes it clear that the fact that the ambition End Homelessness by 2030 will remain...

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Report II Meeting ELASTIC (Warsaw 2018)

It was held in Warsaw, from 3 at 5 may, the second meeting of ELASTIC Three days din meetings and training during which it was possible to understand and investigate a series of software, applications and strunenti useful for scrittuta of projects and the management of ...

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Thematic Cluster Participation

The Thematic Cluster on FEANTSA Participation, He is also involved fio.PSD, started in late April with pricing in Brussels on peer work What does peer work, because it is important, how to implement it and how to measure its effectiveness have been different ...

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Call for project PIE4Shelters

They're about to get into the activities the project PIE4shelters, dedicated to services that deal with homeless women victims of gender violence The fio.PSD is a partner along with four other European bodies (BMSZKI Hungary, CVFE Belgium, SAFE IRELAND...

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