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March 2019



1. Hearing in the House on the SAFC

The 6 marzo 2019 we were called by United Commissions XI (Work public and private) and XII Commission (social affairs) the House of Representatives who voted to conduct a series of hearings on the bill n. 1018 converting Decree-Law 28 January 2019, n. 4, containing urgent provisions on Basic income and pensions, The hearings took place during the Bureau, enlarged to include representatives of the parliamentary groups

For fio.PSD was attended by the vice president Alessandro Paper and Catherine Cortese
We have presented and filed a Note which offers some amendments

Review the hearing…

2. Survey serve you in EU

The fio.PSD has participated in 'comparative investigation promoted by FEANTSA, dedicated to the Analysis of services for homeless people 16 European countries (Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Italy, Portugal and Spain)

The types of services for the serious marginalization considered in the analysis were:

  • temporary and emergency accommodations
  • Day centers and non-residential
  • Services focused on living dimension
  • Services at the prevention of homelessness

read the article and the report…

3. Monitoraggio Housing First

It shares the monitoring of Housing First projects carried out by Network coordinated by fio.PSD. About 30 Public-private organizations who have decided to invest their own resources and PON resources in housing inclusion projects involving for the moment In addition 100 people with long-term histories of homelessness
The ad hoc monitoring card built and named “Cassandra” accompany the bodies and make them the point on the beneficiaries welcomed, accommodations used, the problems encountered and especially the changes that HF ​​involves the lives of people from the registry condition (the 70% the homeless obtain a resident permit once he entered the house), economic and employment status (the house as a place of re-appropriation of the self, their own interests, of their working skills) relations but also as a place where social graces accompanying people can assert their rights and their duties (redemption of the social pension, reconstruction of career, tax assessments, obtaining a subsidy or a house bonus, inclusion social and labor, apprenticeships, training courses…)
HF, although still not widespread, It remains a promising approach for services and challenging homelessness
Full results will be available in late March on our site

4 Point:Home, end fence

We completed the Erasmus + project "Point:Home”, dedicated to the specialized training of the operators of the project giovanileIl gross margin was attended by fio.PSD as project partners, with 4 members - Trieste Diocesan Caritas Foundation Onlus (Trieste); Social Cooperative Services and Hospitality "The Samaritan Onlus" (Verona); City of Turin - Adults sector in difficulty (Turin); Cooperative Esse (Treviso) - as trainers in training

The final document HOMELESS YOUTH. GUIDE TO GOOD PRACTICE It presents the reflections on the theme of youth homelessness by qualified perspective of social workers, as well as some good practices put in place by the project partners

Read the document…

5. Shareholders (elective)

The next Assembly fio.PSD Shareholders will be held in Rome 16 may and it will be a particularly important moment for the life of the federation
On that occasion it will take place the voting process to elect the President and the Directors who will remain in office over the next three years
Anyone wishing more information may contact the secretariat

6. Press Review

7. New Members

The federation welcome:

8. Franco's story

The Federation, Always attentive to innovative and cultural projects, It decided to promote this project Paul Moreschi that will see the light if it will reach a minimum financing from below through an operation of crowdfunding
Franco's story is a concept album that music a complete history; drawn by Marco Martz, It is a personal attempt to emotionally tell the condition of a homeless man

To support the realization of this project have to go to the site musicraiser, click on the "Franco's story: the illustrated disc Paul Moreschi”, and pre-order a copy of the disc

to know more…

9. News from Europe

In this issue:

1) Hearing the House
2) Survey on Services in the EU
3) Monitoraggio Housing First
4) Point:Home, end fence
5) Shareholders (elective)
6) Press Review
7) New Members
8) Franco's story
9) News from Europe

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