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The fio. PSD is committed from 30 years in the human and social promotion of homeless people and in designing and implementing research moments, study and training on issues of Homelessness and serious marginalization

We realize for years training courses for Regions, the Municipalities, the Profit and non profit organizations, Religious bodies etc who want to delve into issues related to the serious marginalization and intervention approaches. To do this we use the knowledge obtained thanks to two editions (2011 and 2014) of Survey of homeless people in Italy and theInvestigation services for Serious Profits curated by fio. PSD, ISTAT, The Ministry of labour and social policy and Caritas Italiana

From 2016 We initiate specific paths for all those institutions that want to integrate in their policies the guidelines set out in Guidelines for Tackling Homelessness (The Ministry of labour and social policy) of which FAS. PSD oversaw the drafting

During the next two years (2018-2020), training pathways activated by the Federation, They will aim to deepen and accompany the territories in the implementation of the Inclu FEAD-PON projects

Among the scopes the Federation is curing with special interest, in terms of study and development for training courses offered by us are:

  1. The phenomenon of Severe Adult and marginality housing deprivation
  2. Approaches, models of intervention and assistance to homelessness
  3. Social innovation and good practices in terms of housing and extreme poverty
  4. Europe: further information on policies and programmes on the subject serious marginalization
  5. Street unit
  6. Integrated strategic model: public services and volunteers; social care, etc ...
  7. Planning and monitoring project proposals PON Inclu / FEAD 2018-2020

The Federation carries out different types of educational events by providing their own experiences, even with a European, and the knowledge acquired on the subject of gross margins. A characteristic feature of our training is to make available to beneficiaries and the advice of external experts but especially to engage directly with Members in the role of trainers-speakers of significant experiences in a logic of mutual exchange and ongoing knowledge and good practice. This promotes the realisation of training paths that use a direct language and common to our world and, at the same time, the strengthening of the network which mission-specific national Federation as fio. PSD

The training courses include thematic sessions, conceptual and theoretical insights but also laboratories, tutorials and workshops in order to encourage a dynamic training, interactive and participatory.

The structure and contents of the training courses are offered in different way:

  1. the Federation can make itself a promoter of paths defined on the topics above (ES. Housing First);
  2. the Federation can manage specific modules in broader training courses already promoted by socthe (see list at bottom of page)
  3. The Federation can co-design courses together with the institution on the basis of specific requests (see list at bottom of page)

For info and advice write At Scott Paper, Councillor fio. PSD delegate to the formation

Major education and training provided

2018Regione Friuli Venezia GiuliaSeminario POR FSE 2014/2020
2017/18Regione VenetoProgettare interventi innovativi per il contrasto alla grave emarginazione adulta
2017Astrolabio (coop. sociale) (Latina)Progettare interventi innovativi per la grave marginalità
2017fio.PSD e Open GrantsIncrementare il fundraising e la comunicazione grazie al programma Google Ad Grants
2017Regione Emilia RomagnaDalla strada alla comunità
2016Diocesi di MantovaMetodi e strumenti per la progettazione di interventi innovativi per la grave marginalità
2016Network Housing First ItaliaWinter School 2016 - Valutare per essere Housing First
2016fio.PSDComune di Milano
2016Provincia di TrentoLe Linee di Indirizzo
2016Rete territoriale marginalita' del Comune di Brescia4 giornate formative su la fio.PSD
2015Soci e Enti del Network HFIUna Stella per valutare: confronto e condivisione sugli strumenti di valutazione di matrice anglosassone
2015Network Housing First ItaliaSummer School 2015 - Housing First: strumenti per la implementazione e la valutazione
2014Caritas VeronaPercorso su modo innovativo di accoglienza e accompagnamento di persone senza dimora presenti sul territorio
2014Caritas SardegnaPercorso sul nuovo ciclo di programmazione europeo 2014-2020 e sull'Housing First
2014Network Housing First ItaliaSummer School 2014 - Housing first Italia: Concetti
2014Network Housing First ItaliaWinter School 2015 - La sperimentazione Housing First Italia:…. Finalmente a casa
2013NapoliPercorso formativo per lo sviluppo delle reti di volontariato
2013Caritas e Organizzazioni SiciliaProgettazione Sociale e Homelssness
2013Soci e Caritas SiciliaPercorso formativo per coordinatori
2013Soci e Caritas CalabriaPercorso formativo
2013ApertoHousing First: da Ragusa le fondamenta per un nuovo abitare sociale
2013Feantsa e Ordine degli Avvocati di GenovaDiritto all'alloggio
2013Ministero LPS, Comune di Rimini, Comune di Lucca, Cassa di Risparmio di Rimini e Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca, Fondazione Casa Lucca, fio.PSD e FEANTSASocial Housing
2013Comune di RiminiCostruire innovazione negli interventi di risposta al disagio abitativo per le fasce più vulnerabili
2013ApertoHousing First: da Ragusa le fondamenta per un nuovo abitare sociale
2012fio.PSD e Opera San FrancescoFunzioni e buone pratiche di FUND RAISING

News & Updates

15 marzo 2018, Venice – Seminar

Thursday, 15 March will be held in Venice on Strategies seminar contrast to the serious adult marginalization: the living and the Housing First approach The seminar is sponsored by the Veneto Region in collaboration with fio.PSD and with the technical secretariat of which InHouse ...

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Training Course Veneto

Designing innovative interventions to counter the serious adult marginalization Veneto Region in collaboration with fio.PSD and the InHouse technical secretariat promotes the course for executives and operators of institutions and operators of the Third Sector ...

read more

Milan, Training course

Caritas Ambrosiana and fio. PSD invite to training meetings organized during the months of May and June meetings, entitled NOT ONLY without. NEW PERSPECTIVES OF THE FIGHT AGAINST POVERTY, He wants to offer food for thought and discussion participated on the subject ...

read more

19 January and 16 marzo – Brescia

Poverty and Inequality thinking and planning enforcement interventions in Brescia under the training programme opened with the Conference of the 25-11-2016 on the subject of severe poverty, organized by The social cooperative Network, with fio.PSD and the City of Brescia, in...

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