Who we are

The FIO. PSD – Italian Federation of Organizations for homeless people, is an organization that pursues social solidarity within the serious marginalization of adult homeless people
Originates, in 1985, informal and spontaneous aggregation of some social workers of services and bodies dealing with homeless people but is in September 1986 It was decided the formalization of coordination in Northern Italy for the homeless: you put forth a Policy Paper and they gathered written initiative signatures to the secretary of Brescia

In 1990 It is formally in combination

Adhere to the fio. PSD Institutions and/or Organisms, belonging both to public administration both at private social, dealing with serious adult exclusion and homeless people

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The OBJECTIVES of the fio. PSD:

  • promote coordination of public, private and voluntary organisations working in favour of the serious marginalization of adult homeless people nationwide
  • solicit the attention to the problem in relation to all stakeholders, turn on moments of study, social search and comparison, pursuing the objective of greater understanding of the phenomenon and the development of methodologies and strategies for combating social exclusion
  • promote the dissemination of good practices and methodological acquisitions of intervention, through the Organization of seminars, conferences, training initiatives and the drafting of a specific publication and specialized in adult serious exclusion


The organisational model of the fio. PSD includes a politically-representative, that exists and operates out of elective office of the shareholders, made up of the Chairman, from the Executive Committee and by the Board of Directors, and a technical-operational level guaranteed by the National Secretariat. PSD that coordinates and implements the work programme
The shareholders ' meeting, which meets at least twice a year, defines and approves work plan lines and checks the results; The President, the Executive Board and the Governing Council makes Executive through the National Secretariat, the cooperation of professionals and local contacts Partners fio. PSD that from time to time become available on the basis of the needs and skills
Participation of members in associations is guaranteed by a series of tools and opportunities: the National Secretariat which is available to members 5 days a week; organizing at least two assemblies per year during which are set and/or verified current and future work programmes; the Organization of at least 1 Conference or in-depth annual seminar; posting bulletins, journals and studies on the topic of serious marginalization and homeless people, on the methods of intervention, operational initiatives of members; the website



The areas in which the fio. PSD is committed to three areas is attributable:
understanding of the serious adult exclusion;
the study and promotion of strategies and methods of intervention to counter the serious adult exclusion;
awareness raising and promotion of the rights of adults seriously marginalized