Let us resume the thread after the first meeting which was held on the occasion of the Assembly in Rome in May last; the group will necessarily be, especially at the beginning, rather "mobile" since they can also have other members as they continue the process of GLN

For this second meeting it was decided to invite two realities of Bologna that are already experiencing a successful community work and active participation in projects with homeless people

The next meeting on Wednesday 13 December in Bologna from 10 at 13, Happy at the Center, in via A. Vincenzo 26 / a (CAUTION: MEETING POSTPONED until a later date)

Before we hear their testimony we do a round of introductions, not all present in Rome, even asking the motivation to join the Group

All agree that the community work is a central theme to prevent the structures from being perceived by guests and outside as "ghettos" of poverty and non-places of relations within and with the cities. Even the appearance of service names (dorms, centers, facilities, projects) is of major importance in this sense

In some it is really changing the paradigm of interventions, too often self aligning

Some services have already experienced (e.g. the reality of Como, at the day care center, organized workshop activities open to the citizens who had long followed). An approach based on the work of the community is also essential in experimentation and host projects, in particular, according to the model "Housing First/led".

Compared to the presentations of Ibraheem and Carolina Sifontes of Bologna, We enclose the slides that were presented.

The projects must be in the direction of the "training" of the resources of the people accepted and activation of citizenship as a resource.

One of the benefits has been done that people have had spaces for "mettesi" in welcoming and not only as ' welcomed ', also taking advantage of its capacity.

Another important aspect that has emerged is that homeless people or otherwise uncomfortable situations have, as any person, also a right to access to artistic languages.

Below some details on presentations ...

Ibraheem, Open Group Bologna, presented the cultural review "rubbing elbows" realized inside one of their reception facilities, which bypassing is passed in place including, strengthening people's autonomy paths.

Carolina Sifontes, Indigo Consortium Coop. Dolce di Bologna, He told, Instead, the experience of fine Textures, a hosting facility where there is a gym popular, a tailoring workshop, a small bar. The courtyard of fine Textures became a place where you play, you do theater and Italian lessons.

Now Belle Plots further trying to change perspective, bringing some activities outside.

The testimonies have allowed us to expand the reflection in the Group. We talked about how important it is, at certain times, Open the services (and, accordingly, the places) citizenship and how equally significant go "off" from the place of welcome, to avoid whatever is defined effect zoo.

And 'necessary to take action much to promote community work and find people, associations, volunteers willing to work ... must spend himself, launch, to ask, know the area.

The volunteer takes on a new role: not only the person who is contributing to something that already exists, but a bearer capacity, skills, professionalism that can make available and at the service of reality at which it operates.

Finally, the Group has also been thinking a lot about the rights and needs of other homeless people that, clearly, are not only those primary (For example,, the right to culture, to art, sport, the fun, fun activities, to travel, etc ...).


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