Report del 7 June 2018

After having made the point on the path so far done (Assembly first meeting in Rome in May 2017 and according to Milan in September 2017) It aims to group, who in the meantime has expanded, to dedicate a space depth to the theme of community work is that of participation, imagining a pair of open workshops. On the one hand it would be an opportunity for theoretical study (also useful to get, perspective, to define a contribution on the subject for Guidelines to combat serious marginalization Italy adult), but also for discussion and exchange of practices and experiences already under way, assuming to invite truth and soon they experience (in part we have begun to do so already in the second meeting in Milan, inviting two Bolognese reality)

Below are some highlights of the discussion

Marco Aliotta (fio.PSD contact for the Thematic Cluster "Participation" organized by FEANTSA) It shows a comparison with a Scottish company that operates according to the peer education method (Glasgow Homeless Network). They also work on "co-creation". There is a different legislative environment that promotes this kind of work but, net of differences, It could still be a model to be explored

We need to break the social role of "bad lucky"We give to homeless people and make them get out of this role… put on the person is just that!

Giuseppe Dardes Posted to develop projects and reflections on "community work" that is becoming crucial and central to all areas of work with homeless people, even compared to the indications coming from the EU

This is to investigate the issue considering anthropological dynamics that characterize the functioning of communities: that space has the fragility, the wound in a community?

Fundamental work the hinge between the political authorities and those of the organizations we work for, on one side, and between those organizations and ourselves (personal issues)

Antonello Salvatore He tells of an experience in which they are made of poetry readings, of writing workshops with people in need. Some even got home and lavorodopo have made known through reading, into an experience made in a little town (Moscufo)

It suggests the movie? "The supermarket "Su Youtube

It focuses attention on the fact that they are necessary for the dynamic changes even within our own services

Another interesting experience that they did was "Break the wall", opening of the center to the community by writing workshop open to the public

Carlo Salmaso It proposes to a reflection group: rather than focus on the relationship between operator and disadvantaged people, What are the processes that favor, in the community, the exit from the role of "homeless", without failing at the same time the need for recognition, in view of need?

For example,, Happy the center of Bologna (day care center) It is not a structure that was created with the idea of ​​a service for homeless open to the public (as if homeless people were not citizens!!), but a service for people dwelling, also open to homeless people

It could be worth making a reflection also on the definition of our National Working Group

Simone Schiavinato said that in Treviso, Cold finished floor, citizenship in the summer decided to finance the continuity of the opening BUSINESS. Volunteers have become "clients"

It became clear a need for citizenship and not only for answers to the needs. This had a positive effect also on the vision of the same volunteers who are engaged as active community


How does the theme of community work in the Housing First projects?

Andrea Barachino He stresses the importance of a new professionalism to be developed and which consists precisely in activating communities.

After the discussion, aware of the importance of telling the practices (that means not only map the good practices) you decide to set the dates of the next two meetings, structured in the form of workshops with visits to services and projects:

– 8/9 November 2018, Bologna;

– 28 February/ 1 marzo 2019, Pescara