When we receive a request for accession by a body, we ask is “adherence to fio.PSD statute

Being fio.PSD partner means sharing the values ​​of social equity, solidarity, of rights, welcome and individual accompaniment and means to put in place concrete actions that allow you to make these possible values ​​for our people


Joining the Federation means to be part of a network of social professionals with whom grow in mutual comparison. The Territorial Coordination Committees (CCT) They have become in different regions (Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Liguria) privileged places of encounter between the members which regularly discusses the social emergencies and new answers to be organized in the territories
National networks of which is part fio.PSD (Alliance against poverty, just to name a) become the networks where fio.PSD represents the shareholders and their mission, where they carry on the battle for the protection and recognition of the rights of the most vulnerable. The Network Housing First Italia It is the only formally recognized at European level Italian network that carries out projects inspired Housing First approach



Joining the fio.PSD means to enjoy the positioning fio.PSD reached the national political scenario in institutional working years of professionalism and seriousness. fio.PSD is non-profit organization Obvious social function recognized by the Italian Government. The technical secretariat role for the work of fio.PSD Guiding Principles for the fight against homelessness adult marginalization, the call as a strategic partner in the Awareness campaign #HomelessZero, the presence in the poverty table and FEAD tables together with social partners, world Caritas, Foundations, ACLI, Research centers and many other stakeholders social, are all opportunities that enable the Federation to have a constructive institutional dialogue with the legislator and policy maker. The Federation collects instances of members and echoes of the past through its advocacy actions



Thanks to the work done for them Guidelines for the contrast to the severe adult marginalization, Italy is today is provided with a uniform programming tool of the services to be allocated to homeless. The lines, together all’Istat Survey “Homeless” of which the Federation was a partner, They are now the foundation of knowledge and know-how in the field of extreme poverty
Being fio.PSD socio means continuing the work of building from the bottom through participation in National working groups (GLN) understood as a laboratory of thought, action and innovation



The fio.PSD partner can request and accompanying training and receive personalized pathways sewn on their organizational and territorial needs. This means organizing meetings, visit, seminars, presentation of volumes. It means listening to the voices of the territories and liaise with them to improve services, Empower Network, grow capacity and expertise in the social workers



Thanks to its role full member in FEANTSA, fio.PSD represents its members in Europe in the field of homelessness. We are the privileged interlocutor for the European Commission on programma whistle (material aid to the homeless), for’Housing First (Housing FIrst Hub). We are part of the observatory on the right to housing “Housing Rights Watch” . We actively participate with Italian experts to Thematic Clusters that have the goal of creating bridges of direct dialogue with the European Commission