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Thematic Clusters

The fio. PSD became part of Thematic Clusters coordinated by FEANTSA with a group of 8 experts

The Thematic Clusters coordinated by FEANTSA are working groups formed by experts from different countries on specific issues: migration, health, gender, employment, housing, Youth, participation, housing rights.

Objectives of the Thematic Clusters are:

  • Provide information on policy developments, trends and best practices
  • Support the development, the realization, monitoring and evaluation of actions of the Europe 2020, Social Investments Package, European Political Science Review, Agenda for Sustainable Development Growth
  • Support the spread of innovative policies
  • Strengthen the capacity of FEANTSA members by bringing together and sharing skills


Add fio. PSD

Fio.PSD will coordinate a group of 8 experts that, for their professional curriculum, the sensitivity on the topics covered and the experience in Europe, can offer added value to the work of the groups.

The group is made up of:

  • Donatella De Vito for Migration
  • Anna Zaidi for Health
  • Cristina Aboagye for Gender
  • Roberta Paige for Employment
  • Catherine courteous to Housing
  • Anita Adam for Youth
  • Marco Abbas for Participation
  • Alexander Panesar for Housing Rights


The Group of experts. PSD will follow the work of the Clusters Europeans responding to requests for information from the European Commission; will produce policy statement and position papers on specific issues; foster placement fio.PSD networks in transnational projects and also promoting exchanges and views of study.

For further information and details, please write to Caterina Cortese


News & Updates

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