Guidelines for Tackling Homelessness


The Guidelines for Tackling Homelessness, signed in November 2015 in joint conference State-regions and presented by Minister Parker on 10 December 2015, are the result of a working group coordinated by the Ministry of labour and social policy, Directorate General for inclusion and social policies

The Group has made use of technical secretariat of fio. PSD and involved, in particular, the 12 cities with more than 250 thousand inhabitants, where the phenomenon is more prevalent. Of the table were the different levels of Government, represented by the Commission of social policy Conference of regions and autonomous provinces and ANCI, Besides the Ministry of infrastructure (DG housing)

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The Guidelines are the first official document of programming in the field of gross margins that Government, Regions and local authorities are called to follow to invest public funds in innovative housing strategies and services, in what is shaping up as the First national plan to combat poverty

It's a small, great, cultural revolution because for the first time in Italy are called the "minimum essential levels" at the national level to the contrast of homelessness.

But It is also a great opportunity and a key lever for dialoguing with our regions, strengthened by this tool, to accompany our policy makers in a programming resources We see finally the contrast of poverty as one of the central themes in the protection of vulnerable.



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