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April 2019




He had to "abolish poverty". instead, basic income cuts out the poorest absolute: people living on the streets and who do not have registered residence

In Italy more way of living 50.000 People who are poor BECOME: They are separated fathers, seniors with basic pension, women with children, young people unable to find work, Small business owners failed, laid-off workers

For this reason, it adheres fio.PSD and CALLS TO SIGN campaign
Basic income EVEN for the homeless

2. INPS: rights confirmed

Following the Requests for information sent on 13 March to the Director General on the INPS message 689 that INPS sent on February 2nd and which overshadowed the risk for homeless people to lose the enjoyment of welfare benefits, We received a prompt and thorough response from INPS


per deepen…

3. Shareholders (elective)

It will be held next 16 may the Assembly Members fio.PSD, the first of 2019
The Assembly will be an important moment in the life of the Federation since it will take place the voting process for the election and replacement of the Presidential duties and the Board of Directors
Looking forward to welcome and wish good job to those newly elected thank you for the work done, attention to the themes and the passion with which they have participated in all the moments of life of the last fio.PSD 3 years, Councilors and the Presidency:

Cristina Aboagye, President
Domenico Lectern, Vice President
Alessandro Carta, Vice President
Michele Righetti, Bursar
Alberto Farneti, Councilor
Alberto Mortara, Councilor
Alexander Pezzoni, Councilor
Andrea Romano, Councilor
Alex Aboagye, Councilor
Carlo Salmaso, Councilor
Matthew Dahl, Councilor
Sara Montipò, Councilor
Life Casavola, Councilor

4. Housing Exclusion in Europe

The 22 March was presented Fourth Overview of Housing Exclusion in Europe by FEANTSA and the Abbé Pierre Foundation

It nears expiration 2020 for cohesion policy of the European Union, However the aim of combating poverty and social exclusion by 2020 - remains unattainable. With this 4th report on homelessness and housing exclusion, FEANTSA and the Abbé Pierre Foundation wonder: What is meant by "European cohesion" when another Europe, deprived of a home or even a shelter, It is left behind?

This report explores the state of emergency housing in Europe, in order to attract the attention of all European decision-making bodies of the state of overcrowding, precariousness and inadequacy of our reception systems

Read the article…

5. Elastic project in Bologna

From 18 at 20 marzo 2019 It took place in Bologna the fourth meeting of the project Elastic
The event saw the participation of European partners from Spain, Poland and Czech Republic, ASP hosted by the City of Bologna and the Open Group
The Bologna meeting was the last scheduled, the 19 June will be held in Brussels, the final event of the project

Read the report in Italian or English …

6. Call for contributions

fio.PSD is pleased to present the first Call for contributions in collaboration with two authoritative scholars of Scientific Committee, Teresa Consoli and Antonella Meo, who will take care of the necklace special issue with the contributions collected

Purposes, theoretical coordinates and lines of research

The idea of ​​this call comes from the need to update the analytical and interpretive key tools with which to read homelessness in our country, soliciting and collecting scientific contributions that provide new insights on the phenomenon, the traits that characterize, its internal joints, the different profiles of homeless, also in the light of the many configurations that homelessness and poverty are assuming today

It is nearly thirty years from the early research on homelessness in Italy. Since the early works, predominantly exploratory cut, the phenomenon has been read, as in the international literature, as a problem of extreme poverty and severe marginalization. The concept of poverty, marginality and social exclusion have represented the main theoretical coordinates within which it has developed the analysis

read the Call…

7. New Members

The federation welcomes:

8. News from Europe

In this issue:

2) INPS: rights confirmed
3) Shareholders (elective)
4) Housing Exclusion in EU
5) Andlastic project in Bologna
6) Call for contribution
7) New Members
8) News from Europe

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