fio.PSD monitoring results (July 2018)


As Observatory fio.PSD, after the killing of family members requirements for REI and the consequent widening of the audience of beneficiaries into force from July 1 2018, we started a monitoring to assess the extent to which homeless people were given access to Include income, with what difficulties and what kind of opportunities have opened

At monitoring participated 50 entities (1/3 members of fio.PSD)

According to the findings, total homeless people who have applied for REI in the period between 1 January 2018 at 31 August 2018 They have been in the order of hundreds overall, the order of tens to each entity

Specifically, more than half of the members pointed out that in your body up to 20 homeless people have requested the inclusion of income, While the 24% He has calculated over 30

Among those who had applied, not all were able to actually get the Inclusion Income, in most cases for those who benefit from REI custom project in the legislation it was also launched

Turning to the obstacles for obtaining the REI, 8 members of 10 believe that the criterion of continuous residence for at least two years and that of residence in the same municipality in which you are applying represent a barrier of access to the measure for the homeless. More than 7 members of 10 also believe that the restrictions on residence permits, in particular that for humanitarian protection (now repealed) They have represented a burdensome obstacle for obtaining the REI

Another difficulty most reported by the members is the poor information that homeless people are able to obtain about the requirements of the measure and the documents to be presented and the consequent need for accompanying. The ISEE is another sore point, especially for homeless people who have extremely variable income in the year, especially if one thinks of those who ended up in the street a short time, even in the face of difficulties in achieving conformity with the ISEE REI question since they do not always homeless people have a postal account or bank opened

Among the factors that instead were judged positively by shareholders, the economic benefit, albeit minor, It is undoubtedly an opportunity for homeless people. Through the sum monthly receipt, It fails to meet some need, by paying the bed dormitory to renew public transport to phone recharge. However, the aspect that is reported is the integration of the economic benefit to the individual project, that first allows the person to hook homeless social services and then start a process of social and occupational. This aspect is, however, counterbalanced by the shortness of the duration of the REI, particularly unsuitable for people with multidimensional problems, who need a long-term support in the pursuit of genuine autonomy