Group Europe

The Group Europe It meets periodically to process documents, build planning, studying European policies and make them available to our members, liven up meetings on the territories.

The group consists of 8 experts that, for their professional curriculum, the sensitivity on the topics covered and the experience in Europe, They can offer added value to the work of Thematic Clusters Europeans, responding to requests for information from the European Commission

It will produce policy statements and position papers on specific issues; foster placement fio.PSD networks in transnational projects and also promoting exchanges and views of study.


The group is made up of:

  • Donatella De Vito for Migration
  • Anna Zenarolla for Health
  • Cristina Aboagye for Gender
  • Roberta Pascucci for Employment
  • Caterina Cortese for Housing
  • Anita Adam for Youth
  • Marco Aliotta for Participation
  • Alexander Pezzoni for Housing Rights


News & Updates


From 18 at 20 marzo 2019 It took place in Bologna the fourth meeting of the Project Elastic From 18th to 20th of March 2019 the fourth meeting of the Elastic Project took place in Bologna Dal 18 at 20 marzo 2019 It took place in Bologna the fourth meeting of the Project Elastic ....

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IV panoramica su Housing Exclusion in Europe

It nears expiration 2020 per le politiche di coesione dell'Unione europea, tuttavia l'obiettivo della lotta contro la povertà e l'esclusione sociale entro il 2020 - it remains unreachable. Con questo 4° rapporto sui senza dimora e l'esclusione abitativa,...

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18/20 March Bologna – III Elastic meeting

It will take place in Bologna on the 18 at 20 March, the third meeting of the participants in the project ELASTIC Three days full of formations, meetings and visits to explore the themes of digital skills, the digital inclusion and tools useful to people ...

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Elastic meeting in Prague

The second Training meeting of the Elastic Project took place in Prague from 20th to 22nd November This event saw the participation of all 10 project partners, hosted by the Ceska Asociace Streetwork (Czech Association Streetwork). As planned, the meeting...

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Italy Country Fiche 2018

Every year fio.PSD, as a Full member of FEANTSA, It is engaged to write the Country Profile or the summary document describing the state of homelessness in their country and the policies aimed at the serious adult marginalization For 2018 we have...

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