PON Notice 4

Update on fio.PSD support activities for PON projects Notice 4

During the first 6 months of 2019 is the support activities have increased, by the Federation, to the territories engaged in activities relating to PON projects Notice 4 supported with funds for the fight against homelessness adult marginality, Warning 4/2016

The Federation participates with tasks assigned by City, Territorial Areas and Regions. The assignment mode (into different types of organizations and amounts), did not, though, altered the national investment sense

The fio.PSD actions, second activities are in fact consistently structured accompaniment, of training, monitoring

Appointments are agreed with individual countries involved, from time to time, and collect the specific needs related to the context and structure of local partners hiatuses

Some cumulative numbers and concerning the tasks assigned to closed today:

  • accompanying: It is provided about 1.500 Accompanying hours to the territory to support the establishment and management of the cabins director, the identification of good work practices for taking care of the homeless, the construction of inter-institutional collaborations
  • Training: It is provided about 600 hours of training with the involvement of people who have already developed experiences and marked skills in working with homeless people. The involvement of members becomes an important element to coordinate national interventions in contrast to the extreme poverty. has in place a collection of training needs and a program of activities, in a more consistent way from September 2019, view the extension to December 2020
  • Monitoring: It is provided about 700 hour monitoring. This number of hours includes the hours of monitoring that we are developing with the University of Bologna

To date they have been started in all territories (Bologna, Campania, Bergamo, Brescia, Liguria, Turin, Wedge, Novara, Alexandria, Until, Biella, Florence, Tuscany, Palermo, Trento, Veneto; waiting Napoli, Brands, Florence, Sicily, Como) the accompanying meetings and the first training sessions, also it started the first phase of monitoring data collection