It confirmed for the homeless, with fictitious residence, the possibility of access to welfare benefits


Following the Requests for information sent on 13 March to the Director General on the INPS message 689 that INPS sent on February 2nd and which overshadowed the risk for homeless people to lose the enjoyment of welfare benefits, We received a prompt and thorough response from INPS

Here is the text of the response received

To the c.a. by Dr. Cristina Avonto, presiedente fio.PSD

With reference to the request for clarification referred to note sent via the PEC 13 marzo u.s., it should be noted at the outset that the concept of residence referred to in the message invoked object is identified by art. 43 the commercial code. under which "The residence is the place where the person has his habitual residence."

Where, by law, one of the requirements for access to welfare benefits is the residence "actual", which is registered in the population register of the City, Also the subjects "homeless" we have complied with its obligations under Article. 2 L. n. 1228 of 24 December 1954, as amended by article. 3 as 38 L. n. 94 of 2009, and further outlined in Circular of the Ministry Of Interior n. 19 of 2009, They can request and continue to receive benefits.

Fall among them also the subjects enrolled Municipal anagrafe with a fictitious residence


The director, Maria Grazia Sampietro