Report meeting 26/9

The GLN is working on the Organization of a Workshop to deepen the theme of street work and residence

Besides the members participating in the GLN, l & #8217; invitation to participate and to contribute concrete is extended to other professionals who work daily with homeless people (Social services, Social cooperatives, Red Cross, Volunteers, Street unit, etc)

Every Member of the GLN street work and Residence, will bring with itself “a colleague”, a “operator” the industry with whom he works in its territory. Goal is: build a shared knowledge and practice and many voices on matters so complex and cross-cutting

At the same time, We are working on the promotion of an awareness campaign on the residency for PSD with the aim to better understand the phenomenon of “fictional streets” and “public awareness”

Next appointment
30 November open door from the guests in Modena 10:30 at 16:30



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