"I do not deny the right to vote on the homeless, here is the 'list of Italian fictitious ways

The appeal of fio.PSD and street Lawyer mayors and candidates in the general election

"In Italy you lose the right to vote for civil incapacity, as a result of an irrevocable penal sentence, for special cases of moral unworthiness. And, although it is not written in the Constitution, if you live on the street. The 4 March tens of thousands of people, guilty only of being poor, They will be excluded from participating in votes, a fundamental moment for the democratic life of the country.

We ask Italian mayors to be guarantors of voting rights of all people living on the streets and granting residence to the personand who request it and who qualify to obtain ".

A month before the elections is that the appeal launched by the Italian Federation for People Without fio.PSD house and street by the Attorney Onlus, For over 30 years fighting on the side of homeless people. the Istat Circular 29/1992 It ruled that any Register Office shall record the person homeless or homeless in the register of residents, establishing - in the absence of domicile or residence - a fictitious street. But municipalities are still too many who deny this possibility and have not set up the fictitious street.

"Do not allow people to vote denying their registered residence – Stresses Antonio mumol, President of the Association of Road Lawyer – is certainly a clear violation of their constitutional rights but it is also a way to certify the total disregard for people living in a situation of extreme poverty, and that under the law would still be entitled to residence. Not to mention that those who have no residence can not be cured, He not entitled to a pension and in many cases does not even have the right to be taken into care by social services ".

“To highlight this gap and to try to reverse this route – says Cristina Avonto, President of fio.PSD – We decided to make the first national census of Fictitious Vie today active in about 200 Italian cities. This is a list always changing and that we have made available to all public institutions and the community:

In addition to a focus on rights, the invitation of associations parliamentarians future is to make their own instances of the weakest thinking of structural policies that can really fight poverty.

"Over the past three years, from the drafting of the Guidelines and then with the alarm output 4 Pon / whistle, and Article 9 Decree on REI, the issue of homelessness has been the subject of special attention in the First National Plan to Combat Poverty, launched during 2017. “E 'need to give continuityat what is It was put into the field so far – says Cristina Avonto. President FAS. PSD – It is structural measures, They need time to yield results, requiring the patience to put together a new effective feedback system. Start again with a different system now, just because the result of the work of previous governments, It would be a serious act of irresponsibility towards people who are in extreme poverty, and needs. Extreme poverty is a crime against humanity, It must be addressed carefully, silence and great job because in a so-called civilized country can not think that even people dying in the street, poverty and indifference ".

Rome, 8 February 2018