In November 2018, we participated in a co-sponsored by designing alert City of Turin, in the context of Regional program We Care

The Piedmont Region has launched a highly innovative and experimental process in order to give a decisive boost in integrated policies for the welfare and economic development, involving local authorities

The project We.Ca.Re. (Regional Welfare Shipyard), as reported in the Position Paper "Combining social cohesion, welfare and economic development at a local and European perspective” (Piedmont Region, September 2016), It defines a vision that puts the centrality of the system on the Individual, as hub of a network of relationships. The new welfare perspective is then defined as a system for the development and exploitation of the potential of each, rather than as a field which is entrusted with the task of alleviating the plight of persons in difficulty

And’ was prepared a Position Paper which poses a challenge to the territories in the logic to implement services for the person who are not of mere assistance but strong stimulus to social cohesion, as a cornerstone of development and growth of citizens and towns. And the concept of universality invoked in the aforementioned document becomes an element to be considered in the intervention against adults in situations of severe marginality

The project presented, and approved, It aims to accompany the improvement of inter-institutional collaborations in order to define a common language between all involved, both public and private, identify good practices of intervention in taking charge and construction of customized projects, build a "vision" shared the homeless

The City of Torino welcomed the impetus, reviewing its organizational structure, identifying new welfare services and redesign the target areas, ie the Districts of Social Cohesion and the related social inclusion Poli, integration private spaces for public service delivery

This raises the issue of identification of the spaces, physical and mental, the processing of governance systems and their concrete activation. The "design platforms" , focusing attention on the person, It will be the instrument within which to integrate the "thoughts" with "Effectiveness", according to a logic of constant dialogue and discussion with service managers entities dedicated to the homeless.


It provides support in the participation in the project Platforms, with particular attention to the following issues:

  • making funding system aimed at taking charge of adults in serious marginality;
  • accompaniment to the public and private for the establishment of social and health teams aimed at taking care of homeless people or adults in serious marginality;
  • the guidelines for the fight against homelessness adult marginality and their application in planning services;
  • Custom intervention projects to take care (Bless you, social, culture, job);
  • training courses for the accompaniment to residential autonomy;
  • the integration of services among other 3 object of the notice areas;
  • monitoring and evaluation of interventions aimed at homelessness.

The project has been approved and are underway programming actions shared with other partners and with the City of Turin