The Thematic Cluster FEANTSA on migration began with the round table organized at the European Parliament on the issue of access to services for the Homeless of irregular migrants. The event's main goal was to stress the increasing pressures that many public authorities in several countries are making on services for PSD aimed at irregular migrants or without a residence

During the event were presented three studies on the situation in France, English and Danish

In France, as reported by Laura Slimani, policy officer of Federation players in the solidarity,The French Government has announced the introduction of a mechanism that allows the police mobile teams going into shelters for PSD to control the administrative status of migrants, and proceed with the detention in identification centers or expulsion in case it is found the absence of ownership are staying or residing. (the circularly 12/12/2017, INTK1721274J)

In Denmark, as witnessed by Maj Kastanje NGO the Church Army, non-governmental organizations working in the homelessness sector has been asked to respect the obligation of excluding undocumented migrants disbursement or residence of any good or service, including those of first necessity

In the UK , Instead, Authorities have lobbied to NGOs working in the field to push them to cooperate in identifying foreign nationals Homelessness, in order to proceed with repatriation programs and / or detention centers for irregular migrants

Considering the seriousness of the present situation in many European countries, FEANSTA signed with PICUM, Caritas Europa , Eurodiaconia, EASPD, Medicins du Monde e Federation of Actors of the solidarity una complaint letter Migration of the situation at DG Employment and DG of the European Commission. It also decided that the priorities for the workplan 2018 Cluster Migration will collect data and information about the impact of illegal immigration on services for people with no house. The target, It is to collect data, and practical information useful to the drafting of recommendations on homelessness contrast of irregular migrants.

Participants in the Cluster are:

Donatella De Vito, Fiopsd, Italy;
Laura Slimani, Actors Federation of the solidarity, France
Wayne Stanley, Focus Ireland, Ireland
May castanets, the Church Army, Denmark
Sally Daghlian, Praxis, UK
Daniel ibarz, Bayt-al-thaqafa, Spain
Fabrizio Vittoria, city ​​missions, Sweden


LETTER OF COMPLAINT DG DG Employment and Migration of the European Commission