The term SOCIAL DESIGN qualifying the ways in which the skills traditionally depend on the design thinking tackle social emergency and promote appropriate solutions, proactive and consistent.

It is their experiences related to SOCIAL DESIGN a take charge of responsibility design culture towards society and its development, in relation to the limits and possibilities of the contexts of intervention (…)

Talk about SOCIAL DESIGN means talking about inclusion, empowerment, autonomy, self-determination, identity and representativeness, that design pursues and that finalizes the projects realized. Articles of daily use, Tools & notions, services, communication systems and production: the nature of design output and its scale are essential but not sufficient to the effectiveness of the intervention. In the discussion on social design the central element is the process and how it builds the project; are central actors involving, privileging participative and regenerative logics of biographies; strategic resources are tangible and intangible skills and their territorial and social context in which the project operates and is capable of enhancing (…)

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