The group works on a kind of Manifesto of the doubt: Reception Systems?


  • System Definition: get together with set of rules, interdependence
  • Reception Definition: acc + gathering. Bring in even affective sense. Hospitality is different from hospitality. ability to tie together more people even in affective sense, according to rules that go beyond the obvious coexistence and that people make interdependent.

very open definition.

Image of spinneret, with continuous interactions between different fields which have overlapping areas. The services must have consistent within itself. Chain, wire but circular. Network creates bonds but sometimes it can be a trap.

It returns to reflect, and doubt, the importance of the values ​​and principles that emerged during the previous meeting:

  • Justice, in the triple meaning of social redemption, equal opportunities and access to services
  • enforce change
  • the inclusion designed to supplement
  • gender equality (It emerged from a group of men-only ...)
  • than in the sense of restoring the dignity of parties
  • professionalism
  • identity as a territory and place of recognition
  • education in the sense, namely that the system is educating (from lead) and bring out the potential of it is part and who is welcomed
  • the law in line with the rules and the legitimacy of the routes
  • humanity understood as love for all people, with equal dignity and hospitality indiscriminate
  • Democracy as participation of all and as a protagonist of the last
  • the right and courage.

Someone puts theme the holes BUSINESSAnd the lack of promotion of the human dimension.

  • What is the reception for the Homeless?
  • territories in which institutions and civil society come together for and with the homeless (which are still active citizens!)
  • Which cultural aspect?

Our host system harnesses the homeless, we only play ourselves, with the aim of self-preservation.

  • What professionalism?

Emerge, in the story of the operators the conflict of having to go out or not from their role. It is not just the individual operator professionalism, but the need of a good number of professionals.

The recognition of the professionalism comes at the expense of humanity operator. It must be highly professional as not to weigh the difference of the other roles.

  • It is difficult to enhance the resources of the homeless person when you define it for what it does not! How do you define a person for what he is not? The diabetic has diabetes, but the homeless person?
  • Problem of law and justice (example of fines) that still restrains more homeless people.

help Relations

  • How to intervene?
  • Offer free or possibility to work for "the recovery of autonomy"?

In helping relationships with the homeless it is denied help just calling it for what he's not doing it to cooperate actively reception!

  • Why not find bonds / tricks / alternative ideas between the homeless person, We workers and the community?

Talking about rights, But without falling into mere "paying benefits" to people otherwise become chronic, adapt. It shows a lack of recognition of the fundamental rights that creates "waste".

The contracting of services can become a stimulus to the person. The personalization of educational interventions, sharing, the idea of ​​a contract as a reciprocal space, where a support while promoting "autonomy".

Problem of lack of work and home.

This goes in parallel with the scarcity of resources that leads us to give answers to emergencies, contrary to the guidelines. So many times the services are saturated, a replacement is difficult.

We need the host system to become community, alternative family for homeless people who have no family. The reception system, which should include, regards to profitability but as long as you're part of six marginal! It is a paradox.

the inside, the system has to create the necessary resources.

  • The reception service is still relevant?

We can see Reception Systemsas systems of self-care, of the person (both homeless person who Operator), open to new, It emerges when the system's ability to "meet again", oriented socialization on the territory.

It appears always in our conversations psychiatric disease, The homeless lie outside the health system and end up in our facilities. There are also elderly or homeless people with serious health problems not recognized where the political institutions do not intervene.

Problem of foreigners emerged from CAS / SPRAR. In the group there were many shares the experiences of frontline operators.

We are operators carers, mediators for these situations that need to get in the other services.

operational proposals

  • create groups / working groups that services over between the various bodies, from social to private entities, where we talk together and reflected on various situations so that it reaches the target for the person. Importance of communication between different services in order to hook the homeless person. There will be difficulties for the social services, and psychiatry, do not help in some cases but the acceptance must be made by all the systems inside the host system!
  • promote coordination at the city level. It is important to culture in this field. It confuses, In fact, the issue of poverty with the security problem. However, it is a system of expulsion, stepped, so if you do not exceed a certain step back in the street.
  • planning and organization of activities (For example, avoid ending in October to speak cold emergency, anticipate these meetings!)
  • engage in widespread level throughout the country, including parishes and realities existing nonprofit (positive experience of Bologna)
  • promote the participation of people who use the dormitories: meeting as a moment of "activation" where the needs are also reported
  • increased use of active policies on the territory (experience Ancona: With project-touch and experience "The house of the father") that then actually make it possible the multiplication of resources and allow more people to be "reached"
  • involve volunteering, flanked by professionals (experience Genoa, START UP). Even the volunteers should be followed by the operators so that you do not replace but affianchino.

Next meeting: July 2018