Reports from the school of first level Housing First

This year the premier training of Network Housing First Italy has landed south, a How, in Campania, a few steps from Naples, from 3 at 6 June

Attended 31 people from 25 bodies found in 16 City (Rovigo, Gorizia, Catania Udine, Milan, Legnano (MI), Verona, Turin, Lucca, Rome, Pescara, Bari, how (NA), Naples, Noto, Modica, Ragusa). Significant participation of three managers of services for PSD of the municipalities of Udine, Milan and Naples

In the first level training using a participatory training, capable of enhancing the multiple experiences of members operators. With this focus Giuseppe DARDES, current maintainer Network Housing First Italia, ed Anita ADAMO, trainer dell’Hub Housing First Europe They accompanied the journey through four key steps

The first saw the presentation of the key principles's Housing First and the differences with the staircase approach. In light of, and future, coexistence of HF projects with traditional services there was the attention to detect the strengths and weaknesses that operators are experimenting with the current organization of services for PSD

The second step was a focus on trauma as a characteristic trait of the homeless, whether or not they received in HF projects. The contribution of Maria Luisa PONTELLI, Diocesan Coordinator Opera Association Betania Onlus of Udine and trainer Hub Housing First Europe, He has facilitated the sharing of stories and individual episodes from the experience of working with people who bear the signs of traumatic experiences

how 3/6 June 2019

The third step was a thematic zoom on one of 8 Key's Housing First principles: harm reduction. The contribution of Dr.. Stefano OLD, Director Department Dependencies ASLNA1 center and member of the Drug Forum, It has been of great help in grasping the change of perspective that the HF approach requires the operator in the construction and maintenance of the helping relationship with the people you follow in the various projects. There were many questions and open issues from the perspective of harm reduction but unanimous appreciation for the orientation to actually put the person at the center and try -with obstinacy- to leverage its capabilities, even small, self-regulation.

The last step, experiential cutting, It has allowed an immersion in the reality of Naples through a stroll that combined the visit to some services for PSD of the town of Naples and the Massimo Leone Foundation Onlus with some roads, squares and churches in order to connect the vision and the values's Housing First places and people who live or through a specific territory.

Red Wire centered housing and advanced training was the special hospitality of the Diocesan Seminary of Nola, event venue, and managed care organization of the Foundation SICAR and the diocesan Caritas of Nola.

A proposal for education remains in the memory of the participants for a variety of reasons, and almost never take the lead content. Often they remember the quality of the experience reports, the discovery of significant contacts, not only professional, and the reception of the place where the event is held. Definately School in Nola will be remembered, as they have repeatedly stressed participants, also for the generous and friendly welcome of the diocesan seminary that has accompanied these days by offering many "pearls" of the local cuisine, and with a style of service and attention to rare and therefore precious people.