We work because Housing First is not an opportunity for a few but a chance for everyone

220 people from 55 City representing 15 regions, of which 30 by Ministry, Regions, Provinces, Municipalities and ASL have raised this call launched by the vice President. PSD Network Card and the Director Alexander HFI Marco Ibeh

Thus ended the International Conference Housing First There is only one road: the house that was held in Turin this past 6 December 2016. Next appointment in 2018 in Padua with the goal that you have entered in the House 5 thousand people and given them confidence and hope

The Federation shall be made public and available all Conference materials:



On YouTube You can review the Conference divided by interventions (and extras ...)

We said goodbye with the knowledge that the faces of the serious housing deprivation have changed in recent years. The collective returns often an idea by homeless – homeless people dressed in rags, rundown and settled on a bench with plastic bags in tow. But alongside the 20% so-called unmet chronic tied to drugs and alcohol, half the people accommodated in houses housing first has health issues (often not treated), 1 on 2 brings stories of fragility and removals from the family of origin or serious relationship problems. There are individual (54%) but there are also families (46%) that, in a welfare already full of answers related to the families but often fragmented, located in the House housing first a starting point where underwear, together with the multi-professional team, build a custom project stable and coordinated. Housing First is an answer to those who have lost their homes and lives in the street for years (65%) but it can be a preventive measure for those who live a House inadequate (5,6%) or for whom the House is going to lose it (29,4%)

We said goodbye with the knowledge that There is no turning back, the change has started, We will continue to move forward – as said Cristina Aboagye President FAS. PSD – building on the past, by their appeals and have a smile that brings happiness

Conference Housing First - Turin 6-12-2016

The fio. PSD is committed to feeding the advocacy action – they see in the guidelines, in the notice PON include FEAD the first fruits -, to deploy the energies and strategy to go forward together with the goal of getting to 100 members of the Network HFI, to give us an appointment at next summer and winter school this time also with European colleagues, and to bring the results to the next International Conference on Housing First – Padova 2018

The 54 brave entities that already are part of the network are called to renew their commitment to transform their pilot project Housing First in a consolidated service, valuing the efforts and the satisfactions of its workers (In addition 120 those active in team) and investing in continuous training that ensures consistency and method in the construction of "a new way of welcome for the serious adult exclusion in Italy"

The House as a human right and as a secure base; the community as partners in care; the innovation that comes from culture; the person at the Centre beyond the target; national and local policy in change; evaluation and empirical evidence; the well-being and happiness; the news experienced as challenges; are some of the keywords that we want to accompany in the near future

Join the Network Housing First Italy and join the change

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