fio.PSD attended the FEANTSA Conference 2018 with Italian delegation led by President Cristina Avonto
Interesting the initial report of Prof. O’Sullivan which makes it clear that the ambitious goal End Homelessness within the 2030 It will remain just a dream if Europe does not invest specific resources:
  • improve the level of knowledge of Homelessness in Europe (data collection)
  • respond to Homelessness with rapid-Rehousing programs, avoiding the shelterization
  • stop the risk of criminalization of homeless people through real paths of social inclusion
  • prevent the spread of family homelessness that has broad effects on women, on the increase across Europe (feminization)
  • analyze and act on the impact that migration has on Homelessness sector intervening with other types of offers that are not dormitories and canteens that tend to become chronic even those who come to Italy for a project of economic and social life
Also interesting are the workshops: “Tiny Homes” (temporary housing solutions, type of wood and container houses that developed in the United States and the Netherlands); “LGBTIQ Homelessness” which we participated by presenting a research conducted by street Lawyer “Public Space & Criminalization” in which Giulia Gallizioli, Lawyer street socio fio.PSD, It presented one speech on the situation in Italy