The 6 November the dott.ssa Cristina Aboagye, representing fio. PSD, and dott.ssa Raffaella Vitale, to represent the region Piedmont , Department of social policies, of family and home, Direction Social and Family Policies, They have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the aim to foster systematic collaboration aimed at deepening, promote and coordinate lines of action, promotion, analysis, research and study on social housing, gross margins and adult distress.

The collaboration will see the signatories engaged in the following areas:

  • promotion and activation of study time, of confrontation and social research including through establishment of joint working groups, or tables of public-private discussion, to deepen the specific themes of 'homelessness and of serious socio-housing problems in the logic of an active contrast to poverty;
  • promotion of training and refresher on the subject of housing and gross margins for staff (public and private) engaged in the personal services sector;
  • support of public initiatives, or private social, aimed at promoting and enhancing the social housing practices in its various, implementing the coordination and address paths between the different actors:
  • experimentation of intervention approaches and contrast to the severe margins in line with the principles and innovations proposed by the European programming, national and regional levels on;
  • promotion of coordination and dissemination of good practice found in Piedmont regional contexts;
  • development of design skills on shared areas of intervention and to prevent, resolve and renew strategies to combat the serious marginalization. Specifically, the signatories will be engaged in the declination of the Operational Programs of the European aid fund for indigent FEAMD and especially those denominated in:
    • "Extreme poverty in large urban areas: distribution Essentials, social inclusion and support for autonomy " (PO I and PO II and in conjunction with the PON metropolitan cities);
    • "Specific Projects contrast to the severe material deprivation: design, also by means of the regions, targeted interventions aimed at families with children and the homeless " (PO I e PO II);
  • to determine, in response to the monitoring and the assessments made, the ability to prepare new administrative or regulatory acts, useful to the consolidation of the activities considered of excellence and to their dissemination on the territory.