The 5 February 2019 we intervened with Jan Farmer the transmission of RadioTre The whole city is talking about entitled

citizen's income: lights and shadows

Guests of the episode

Christian Garcia, sociologist, He teaches Social Policy at the University of Trento. He conceived the Alliance against poverty in Italy, a group of 35 Civil society organizations of which he is the coordinator scientifico.Consigliamo a volume published by Mill, The social inclusion income (REIS). The proposed alliance against poverty in Italy
Stefano Toso, Science teaches finance at the University of Bologna. Among his publications citizenship or minimum income Income? (Il Mulino, 201
Chiara Saraceno, sociologist, He taught sociology at the University of Turin and family in Berlin, It is now honorary fellow at the Collegio Carlo Alberto in Turin. His books: Moms and dads. The tests never end (Il Mulino, 2016) and The misunderstanding of the family (The third, 2017)
Maria Pallini, parent committee work in the House for the M5S
Jan Farmer, responsible fio.PSD communication - Italian Federation agencies for homeless

Gianfranco Message, Professor of Economics at the University of Bari, columnist for the Messenger and Morning, member of the management committee of the journal Il Mulino. His latest essay, free download from the website of the publishing house Laterza, is The secession of the rich. Regional and national unity Autonomy. Among his other books are also The denied graduation: politihe against the university education (The third, 2018); University in decline. A survey on universities from North to South (Donzelli, 2016);More job, more talents. Teen, women, South. Responses to the crisis (Donzelli, 2010)

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