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National Operational Programme (PON) "Inclusion"

PON Inclusion

The 28 may 2015 in Rome at the prestigious headquarters of the CNEL held its first meeting on Monitoring Committee of the National Operational Program "Inclusion” (PON Inclusion)

The fio. PSD is one of the entities of the third sector called to be part, with voting power, This Committee has the important task of ensuring the proper implementation of the first Italian PON contrasting poverty

In the presence of Dr. Tangorra who chaired the meeting with just pride for their work, with the participation of members of the European Commission members of the national operations, the dott.ssa Berliri presented plane lines, steps to its implementation, and the managing authority which she presided


The operational lines of the PON Inclusion

The operative guidelines of PON inclusion shall be ready with the onset of autumn: they will support the enlargement of BOTH, experimental support that stable family nuclei Marshall becomes an instrument in poverty, with the aim of achieving a universal minimum income policy (see REIS)

Innovative actions will also be supported by contrasting poverty and exclusion serious, like the one promoted by the Network Housing First Italia

In addition to the Department headed by Dr.. Tangorra (The Ministry of labour and social policy – Directorate General for inclusion and social policies) There were the responsible DG third sector, Equal Opportunity Department, Department family policies, DG Immigration, Ministry of Justice, also be involved in actions to be implemented through the PON Inclusion


The inclusion of PON Regulation



News & Updates

PON Inclusion: postponed to the end 31-12-2020

Extended the deadline for the PON Inclusion extract from the note of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy "In relation to the Conventions stipulated Grants, pursuant to the Notice n. 4/2016 PON inclusion - OP I FEAD, tra la Scrivente Direzione Generale e gli Enti...

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