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PIE4shelters The project aims to develop the capacity of services for homeless people to support women victims of violence

The project will develop guidelines dedicated to training services for homelessness, based approach PIE. PIE stands for psychologically Informed Environments, namely Environment Psychologically Informed *

The psychologically informed services take into account the psychological component, the thought, emotions, the personality and experiences passatedei beneficiaries of services in the context and in the same mode of labor services

The project PIE4shelters, In addition, It promotes a conscious working method of traumatic events and sensitive to gender issues

The activities and the main results of the project PIE4shelters are:

  • Development of a training framework approach PIE, dedicated services for homeless people;
  • Operator training at the forefront of the organization and staff who work in services for homeless people in the five partner countries of the project – Hungary, Belgium, Ireland, Italy and England;
  • Organization of a national awareness event PIE approach in partner countries

Participation in training and awareness-raising events will be free. Information and dates will be posted on this site and on PIE4shelters page dedicated to the project on the site Feantsa

PIE4shelters was started l '1 February 2018 and it will last 2 years

It is co-funded by the Program of the European Commission Rights, Equality and Cirizenship (REC). The project is implemented by a consortium that includes dedicated services to the homeless and victims of violence:

BMSZKI- Budapest Methodological Centre of Social Policy (coordinator, HU), CVFE – Collective against the Family Violence and Exclusion (Belgium), FEANTSA (Belgio / EU), Safe Ireland (Ireland), FIO. PSD (Italy) e DePaul (UK)

the referents the project are


Involvement of the partners in the project PIE4shelters

In the month of May 2017, the Cooperative "Maria Cecilia" in Biella, the Listening Center of Caritas Sanremo, the Social Services of the City of Trento, the Caritas Ragusa, the Day center "Opera Don Calabria" in Rome administered a questionnaire to women homeless victims of violence followed by its services.
The 21 May, a focus group was carried out with Cooperative "Maria Cecilia" in Biella and the Listening Center of Caritas Sanremo. With the latter, the 22 It may was conducted a group interview on the issues of violence against women and the evaluation of services dedicated to them
The 3 July was held a training day on the approach PIE4shelters conducted by its creator Peter Cockersell, after which it opened a space for discussion and exchange of experience, which they were attended by representatives of Diocesan Board Of Trustees Bethany (Udine), Piazza Grande and Antonian NPO (Bologna), Università di Padova, Library Cascina (Milan), Caritas Ragusa

Upcoming appointments PIE4shelters

From 28 at 30 November in London will take place on train-for-trainers approach PIE – Psychologic Informed Trauma – which will kick off the second part of the project, during which there are days of training for operators who as beneficiaries homeless women victims of violence

News & Updates

Report meeting 2/3 July PIE4shelters

Report meeting 2/3 July PIE4shelters Project took place in Rome on 2 and 3 July, at the Center for Voluntary Service of the Lazio, 2nd Partnership Meeting of the European project PIE4shelters, which is partner fio.PSD, along with BMSZKI- Budapest...

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Call for project PIE4Shelters

They're about to get into the activities the project PIE4shelters, dedicated to services that deal with homeless women victims of gender violence The fio.PSD is a partner along with four other European bodies (BMSZKI Hungary, CVFE Belgium, SAFE IRELAND...

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Project start of PIE4shelters

It was held in Budapest, day 1 and 2 February, the first kick-off meeting of the European project PIE4shelters, which is partner fio.PSD (REC/JUST/2016/ACTION GRANT). The meeting was attended, as well as fio.PSD represented by Anita Adam and Roberta Pascucci, also...

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