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July/August 2019

1. First Executive fio.PSD

It was held in recent days, the first Board of Directors after fio.PSD elections 16 may
Advice, in continuity with the previous year and in order to ensure the best representation of the territory, He appointed the following officers:

Domenico Lectern (Ragusa) – Vice-Chairman
Alexander Pezzoni (Milan) – Vice President
Marco talks (Savona) – Bursar

To them and to the Executive all best wishes

2. INPS confirms the rights

Taken from INPS Circular 2512
The homeless are people who have no fixed abode, but they have the right to obtain a residence, even though "fictive", in the municipality where they established their residence, provided they have complied with the obligations (…)
A precondition for the recognition of entitlement to income support performance (…) It is the residence of the beneficiary in the Italian territory (…)
As a result even the homeless, if entered anagrafe of a municipality of the Italian territory, even with a "dummy" residence, They have the right to access and to continue to receive benefits in question

INPS Circular 2512 of 04-07-2019

3. PON Monitoring Committee

It was held last 20 June to the meeting Rome Monitoring Committee of the National Operational Program “Inclusion”
(…) During the meeting the fio.PSD intervened to point out the enormous efforts that the territories are doing to implement the mandate of the PON inclusion and the importance of having a clear frame of operation of the Structural Funds, including FEAD, that point on the accompanying measures and values ​​of operations approaches to the autonomy of the person (Housing First)

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4. PIE4shelters Update

It was held in Athlone (Ireland) the 27 and the 28 June 2019 the fourth and penultimate meeting of the partner organizations of the PIE4shelters project

During the meeting, each partner has outlined to the group the salient aspects of the territorial formations held in each country, April and May 2019, and they are part of the project (participants, structure of the training, sources used, presentations, activities and results)

The partners are also compared on the design of the upcoming dissemination activities: in the coming months is to be a Guide PIE approach and will be made a national awareness event and a "training for trainers" on the topic

5. New Members

6. seminar Home_EU – Rome 11/9

The day 11 September 2019, from 15.00 at 18.00 Via Salaria 113, Rome will host a free seminar project #Home_EU that will aim to raise awareness and promuoverei the project results

The project involved 12 partner 9 European countries in an attempt to study the views of homeless people who use their services dedicated, the operators who work there, citizens and social policies

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7. News from Europe

In this issue:

1) First Executive fio.PSD
2) INPS confirms the rights
3) With. PON surveillance
4) PIE4shelters Update
5) Home-EU, Rome 11/9
6) New Members
7) News from Europe

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