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Guinea Conakry

The fio.PSD and CLMC – Catholic Lay Missionary Communities They have developed a partnership on a project to promote Guinea Conakry and that will take to address the issue of the wanderers (Les errants), How do you define the homeless

The partnership has its origins in some exchanges during the 2015/2016 between CLMC and fio. PSD to understand how to intervene on behalf of people "errantes", often with psychiatric problems, with the aim of reintegration into the community

The walkers are Guineans adults, mainly the mentally ill homeless, wandering in the urban environment. and’ a complex phenomenon ,multifactorial, and today in Guinea Conakry finds no answer if no to health, both in Western medicine that in traditional medicine healers. Within the framework of the various assistance measures so they risk being completely ignored or being traced, simplistically, in its mental health protocols

This intervention fits into the Project ROUTES (co-funded by AICS Italian Agency for development cooperation) to combat poverty which affect different local "populations" – including minors, prostitutes, mentally ill persons. The project is coordinated by CLMC and involves two Italian NGOs, GAK, and LVIA. Local realities involved are FMG-Fraternité Medical Guinée; Collège des Acteurs pour la Réduction de la Pauvreté ; Sabou Guinea National Social Security Department of the Ministry of Social Affairs

In the course of 2016/17 was conducted, consultation with the fio. PSD and the involvement of local partners, a small survey to better understand the reality of this people, of their family background and any relationship with other people, to schedule a training session leading to a support intervention and reintegration

The mission, that will bring Cristina Aboagye Guinea Conakry from 24 November to 3 December 2017, will be marked by meetings with local partners, visits to health centres Conakry followed by Moriady, meetings with local mental health teams and training meetings

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The training course developed during the mission that led Cristina Avonto in Guinea Conakry from 24 November to 3 December 2017, It has used a method of activation of the people involved in the path. Rather than starting from transmitting notions ...

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Newsletter fio. PSD – December 2017

In this issue: 1) Assembly of comparison 2) Greetings from Guinea 3) Eventi PON 4) HUB Housing First 5) GLN in movimento 6) REI and homeless people 7) Next volumes of the series 8) First POM approved 9) IGH Symposium 10) PSD and Caritas Report 11) News...

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Greetings from Guinea

What can mean dealing with homelessness and extreme poverty in a country where the average per capita income is equal to one dollar a day? Yet even in a situation of general impoverishment, in a precarious housing situation often, There are...

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Err… in Guinea Conakry

From 24 November to 3 December 2017 the fio. PSD will be in Guinea Conakry for a mission on "les errants" (the walkers, How do you define the homeless) as part of a partnership with CLMC - Community Lay Catholic Missionaries The partnership ...

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