FEANTSA Youth Study Session 2019

Building Bridges: How the LGBTIQ & Homeless Sector can work together

European Youth Centre, Budapest, Hungary
11-16 November 2019


The study session organized by FEANTSA It is a course 5 days, designed with the support of the Department of Youth of the Council of Europe

The study sessions start at traditional courses using non-formal education to encourage participants to share their experiences, stories and expertise on a specific issue. Participants experience and are encouraged to share their opinions with colleagues from all over Europe

This will select the participants with different professional and geographical background to ensure the diversity of thoughts and knowledge

This study session will be designed by experts Homelessness and LGBTIQ with the support of the educational consultant Feantsa, and it will be offered interactively, in modo da sviluppare relazioni e partnership con gli altri partecipanti

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A maximum of 2 – 3 Participants will be identified by each country, la fio.PSD sosterrà le candidature dei propri Soci presentate tramite il form qui sotto

Applicants will be informed whether or not they were selected by the end of August 2019

costs: travel expenses, accommodation and meals will be covered by the Council of Europe; participants will be charged a registration fee of € 50, which it will be deducted from the reimbursement of travel expenses