30 years of FAS. PSD

Have passed 30 years and it seems like yesterday

by Cristina Aboagye, President FAS. PSD

The fio. PSD accomplishes 30 years. This small Federation entered into adulthood. It was actor during the times when you were building the first services, He fought to bring to the attention of public authorities the issue of homelessness (We left "homeless", Today we are "homeless" because it is the best way to define the problem of homeless people). It was and is today more and more cultural reference point for all those dealing with poverty and extreme poverty, has developed culture of speech, Search , knowledge, innovation ... every day notes and studies, never tire of repeating that the person is at the Centre!

The intuition of those who wanted this coordination, transformed into a Federation, still shines for foresight and intelligence: a coordination which keep together, already thirty years ago, public and private, What in recent times (see law 328/2000) sussidiaretà has been defined and public-private dialogue, What we all define the new frontier of welfare, now required to secure the services (complementarity and the active participation of the third sector – see second welfare), all this the fio. The PSD has always, It is of course because this gave rise.


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