Life Casavola- Group Manager, It resumed the work lines invites you to try to make a integration of the guideline, He has collected all documents arrived; He felt the Gris Gris has procured the manual.

Stefania Zazzi- City of Milan, presented the draft Red Envelope

Massimo Torino- presents a search of the Milan Naga

Daniele SF Opera- He attended the meeting of the 27 November in Milan for the presentation of REI is part of the theme of the lack of income and you get to take charge individualized

Debate – Life / Maximum- on the issue of fictitious residence - the role of the private social guarantor of the residence, the problem that no one then deletes the fictitious residence, the reasons for a body of the third sector becomes complex recognize.

The discussion proceeds by points:

Suggested deepening Materials:

– Castaldo, Filoni, Punzi -Safya un approccio trans disciplinare alla salute degli homeless – 2014 Franco Angeli

– document Naga

– Bill 1619/ in the field of health care to the homeless - proposed NIHMP

Organized by Michele FIO. PSD:

– preparation of a document folder on the drive to get the comprehensive material available, each team member has access to load documents

– establishment of an Email Communications Group, by writing the group writes to all

– a verbal synthesis of the meetings is published on the site fio.PSD


Create a paper on the topic of social health and build a ladder so that we can divide the work.

On the one hand the guidelines to be expanded on the other hand lacks a more 'thorough reflection fio.PSD on integration sanitary partner (in the past the health commission fio.PSD had worked on very specific topics).

It would be interesting also produce a practical guide, facing both operators and the homeless, una carta di intenti o delle raccomandazioni sul tema dell’accesso alle cure, un paper con indicazioni pratiche. They leave all options open and proceed to the construction of a ladder of development of the thematic.

Healthcare integration

It is highlighted that in all the talk of the social-health integration goes against the terms of access to health care. Because the social-health integration comes after the access to health care? Because the regions have separate health and social services and are not integrated. Seppure quando si interviene sul campo e sul singolo caso si trovano persone disponibili; Perhaps in addition to existing legal constraints it is also about service cultures and professions who find it hard to imagine integrated pathways.

It is emphasized that account must be taken of the processes, these are known and villages to avoid being alone in a perfect size, example: Lombardy Region is making plans to implement them, chi si occupa delle persone ed in particolare di quelle in condizioni di grave emarginazione non può esimersi dall’approfondire la parte legislativa sulla cronicità e la legge di riforma stessa.

We must however keep a national look at the purpose of the guidelines.

L’integrazione socio sanitaria richiede anche accordi di programma tra le istituzioni coinvolte e tra queste e il terzo settore.

We could analyze best practices

Making testing need, but if you do not create services and MoUs, but only projects do not make much road: the integration is done with agreements between hospitals, enti locali e il privato sociale .

The hope is that there are more integrated services that respond also to the needs of the homeless.

Si immagina che una linea di lavoro potrebbe essere quella di mettere a sistema, thanks to Pon, the theme of integration and in support of this hypothesis indicates that the 15 % Pon of the resources are related to the creation of services and not for projects, in theory this is the direction to promote and stabilize a culture and integration of social health practice.

Added to this is that the conference was speaking regions of the integration of resources to those made available to Pon:

It might be interesting to make lobbying in this regard, qualify as stakeholders who promote the social-health integration.

Caution:in that there are no parallel paths reserved for the homeless, but the homeless, have access to treatment as all citizens while taking into account the size multiproblematic.

Step Ladder construction for a paper on integ socio St.:

(in corsivo la divisione orientativa degli ambiti da sviluppare fermo restando che tutti sono invitati a lavorare su tutto)

1 – Difference in access to care on a regional or municipal, anchored to the residence for which access to the care evidently is connected with the procedures for the recognition of residence; Lombardy region has not signed the agreement for Eni Code (requirements: residence and 5000 euro bank), at national level there was a situation patchy, it is important to recall the fundamental role of municipalities.

* We make a separate tab to region of origin of how it works, e come viene realizzato l’accesso alle cure (Marco Vendramin - begins to make a proposal which is supplemented by other) Mariella

2 – The road as a result of an illness

(Life and who else?)

3 – The road produces disease, what are the diseases that emerge, organic and psychic, make a general framework with a set of recommendations, basic services and specific performance, solutions and targets. Make a targeted search on the data. The health problems of specialized information (teeth)

(Daniele. Monica)

4 – Healthcare integration, because it always disappears in the face of the subject dell'acceso care?

Analysis of the limitations of the system and analysis of good practices (see above)

4.1 – The support and accompaniment (Which?), today these are the actions that guarantee the social-health integration, we assume a: Analysis of accompanying services:structure and mode, training providers, flexibility, ownership on case management, time.

4.2- L’identità di genere – Declination on specific man / woman / LGBT

4.3 – Economic resources– Tools that can attack the situation, as you insert the REI? The issue of subsidies and integration of income, the ISEE, income brackets and exemptions ticket

(Life, Cristina)

5 – Specific needs: elderly/immigrants/mental health/addictions

Seniors – the over 65 the streets are so many, They should enter into a Rsa, in the absence of income with expenses borne by the social service - Turin X over people who reject any type of care they are reported to the prosecution, Ctu e conseguente relazione de Tribunale, average duration of a year Procedure. There is a section vulnerable in the Court of Milan

6 – What preventive actions?

– Prevention of chronic conditions and aggravation

– Office Pio - example of a specific project on prevention now that closes the test phase for requesting such information may be extrapolati for the purpose of analysis as the relationship between poor housing / condition of the home loss.

Homeless or homeless? Which prevention in situations that have a roof and / or a dwelling? The Ethos classification (see guidelines)


Youth / working poor - young temporary workers who end up on the street

family reunions, Latin American youth

separated fathers and of poverty

As preventive intervention is cheaper than those reparative? (on some categories it works very well, not others who are also followed by social services).

It highlights the importance of social accompaniment in the area of ​​prevention.

And the welfare of communities where we? Construction of a frame of reference

La riunione si scioglie con l’invito a prendere visione dei materiali suggeriti e che saranno caricati a breve sulla piattaforma. Si invitano tutti i componenti del gruppo a scegliere almeno un argomento da approfondire per produrre contributi più o meno articolati in relazione ai punti indicati e comunicare la scelta a Vita.

Next meeting – , 13 February, hours 9, 30

At Soc Coop Community Project Milan Via Soperga 13

MM Central Station or Caiazzo

Bus 90/91/92