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The fio.PSD occupies a privileged position at the national level on the phenomenon Homelessness thanks to its more than 120 members who manage throughout Italy direct services to Homeless (night welcome, canteens, listening centers, etc ... for a detailed list see the Guidelines)

Both the services and the beneficiaries are changing very quickly and follow the demographic changes, economic cycles and crises, international migration, the levels of well-being and state of health of the general population

fio.PSD tries to keep a careful and constant eye on people every day services meet. Women and men, youth and adults, Italians and foreigners, old and new profiles. A slice of the population - homeless - living in the most extreme form of poverty

Across the Questionnaire members 2017 (data to 31 December), we collected information both on existing services, both on people without residence of beneficiaries managed services directly from our members (social cooperatives, municipalities, associations, foundations, Caritas etc.). Below we present a summary of the results

I Servizi

Today the homelessness services system is largely based on:

  • support services to primary needs (Street unit, canteens and food distribution, drugs, hygiene kits)
  • hospitality (dorms, transient accommodation, housing community, secure accommodation, shelters)
  • taking charge (social Secretariat, orientation, job placement)

In addition, almost 8 members of 10 provide services for living, or finding accommodation, housing intermediation, housing first, cohousing; 7 on 10 promote job placement and work bags; more than 6 on 10 They offer their beneficiaries a form of economic support one-off and / or linked to specific needs

More than half carries out Protection, in particular in the field of the age and residence of the legal protection. Most also it deals with interventions aimed at foreigners as CASE and SPRAR., and the 51% of the member organizations of our Federation we provide services in the area Bless you, in most cases it comes to psychological clinics, doctors and specialists and nursing care

the welcome

As it is apparent from our Observatory, profiles of homeless people who come to services They are undergoing the changes that expose the complexity of the phenomenon of homelessness

Our members have observed an increase in diversified segments of the population particularly vulnerable and at risk of poverty, how women, young people aged between 18 and the 35 years, the seriously ill and / or waiting for treatment, the chronically unemployed and the working poor, foreigners awaiting regularization, the (already) unaccompanied minors

Specifically, the profiles of people in serious marginalization that cater to services, the 79,4% of our members states to welcome legal immigrants, the 77,8% young people between 18 and the 25 years, the 76,2% people with alcohol-related problems

More than 6 People accepted on 10 have judicial problems, problems related to residence permits; also many families, while members declare that 5 on 10 of its members are refugees or people with substance abuse problems

In more than 4 cases followed by services 10 it comes to women victims of violence, 3 on 10 people are victims of gender discrimination, Finally 2 on 10 They are unaccompanied foreign minors

The Analysis and Research Activities of fio.PSD

Beside the activity of detection performed by fio.PSD through the Questionnaire members, the National Secretariat of the Federation is engaged in a series of activities that allow you to maintain a constant and careful look at the phenomenon Homeless

The Federation has first collaboration of Scientific Committee with which carries out the evaluation of the actions progetti Housing First and of the PON Inclusion

Among other analysis and study we report documents and insights published in the section FOCUS ON of the site (The housing poverty in Italy; The residence is a right; Immigration, human rights and gross margins)

Other topics recently developed:


The National working groups (GLN) are places of thought and study tables promoted by fio.PSD together with members to discuss:


At European level we are part of Thematic Clusters coordinated by Feantsa, thanks to which we can learn the most topical issues related to homelessness phenomenon (Migration, Health, Gender, Employment, Housing, Youth, Participation, Housing Rights)

We founded a Study series which hosts sector volumes and studies analyzing the multi-dimensionality of extreme poverty

We partner with a Scientific Committee to promote studies on the serious adult marginalization

We have built a Library online where you can find works, useful documents and materials on the Homeless


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