The “Night of Homelessness” recurs again this year and takes #8217 &; 18 years away from that 1999 When “Terre di Mezzo” the #8217 promoted with the goal of raising awareness about citizenship; and extreme condition in which homeless people living
Every year there are numerous initiatives that pursue this goal

FIO. PSD joins local initiatives and promotes nell & #8217; the campaign #HomelessZero. We asked our members to inform us about various events organised, but also to commit themselves this year to highlight a small result you want to achieve by 17 October 2018, Nell & #8217; mind many small results, will make a great change

Consultation and dialogue with members and people living on the street. This would be the flower target #8217 &; PSD in this 18th Edition of the night of Homelessness. One night in its “maturity” that with awareness and broad-shouldered faces the challenges of extreme poverty. A night that reminds us of the great commitments every day social operators carry on, of big goals to move ahead and the many results that every day give comfort to people more fragile


13 October – Bergamo
Hours 12.00 “Add a seat at the table” – lunch at the soup kitchen “Hot Spot” in city bus
offered by & #8217; chefs Association Bergamaschi in collaboration with Foundation guys I.S. B. Torre Boldone

13 October – Palermo
Starting from 18.30 – Add a seat at the table that c & #8217; is a dormitory in addition

14 October – Milan
From 16.00 onwards
Event sponsored by 22 associations: Set in Middle-Earth onlus, Opera Cardinal Ferrari, Dinner of & #8217; friendship, Pope John XXIII, Founding brothers of St Francis, CAST, Italian Red Cross – Milan Committee, Foundation Project Arca Onlus, Ronda e Solidarietà ONLUS Charity, Gladstone's House, Foundation Isacchi Samaja Onlus, Association Mirage, Street lawyer ONLUS, Ephphatha, VOICES, Lawyers for nothing, MIA-Milan in Action, Fides ONLUS-Home friends, Caritas Ambrosiana, House of charity, FIOPSD and street artists Association of Milan. L & #8217; initiative is sponsored by the city of Milan

14 October – Reggio Emilia
From 18.00 at 02.00, Homeless nights

17 October – Padova
From 08.00 the Loggia della Gran Guardia – Piazza dei Signori
The program:
Djolibé Djembé & Sound Bridge Association
music, dance and song of & #8217; West Africa

17 October – Rome
From 08.00 at hours 12.00
Screening by the FIO. PSD the documentary film “The Invisibles” and discussion with students at the University “La Sapienza” of Rome (Faculty of political science, Sociology and communication, Via Salaria 112, Rome). Will introduce the debate Prof. Carmelo Bruni, already during the first survey Istat-fio.PSD CTC on PSD

17 October – Treviso
From 19.00 in Via Pasubio 17

17 October – Reggio Emilia
From 14.00 at 17.00, Exclusion And Poverty

17 October – Modena
Hours 21.00 theatrical performance “LIVES OF CARDBOARD”

17 October – Bergamo
From 10.00 at 20.00 “CAMPER NO STOP” – presence in continuous road from 10,00 at 20,00 the Exodus with operators and cookies for all!

17 October – Bari
From 16.00 onwards will be held #8217; l & event Poveri ma BelliEnd of the project "beautiful, emotional moment and listening "video projections", creation of "the tree of sharing", music, Karaoke & dinner in solidarity

17-21-23 October – Brescia
Three events dedicated to the world day against poverty

18 October – Reggio Emilia
Inauguration of photo exhibition Homelessness

21 October – Treviso
From 08.00 at 32.00 at the dorm Via Pasubio 17

21 October – Bolzano
From 8.30 at 17.00 Piazza Firmian, day of celebration to collect blankets for homeless people called "ask me why I'm cold"

22 October – Reggio Emilia
From 21.00, Tales from & #8217; Exodus

27 October – Palermo
From 18.30 at 23.00 the Central Station

28 October – Como
From 9.30 onwards, Night of Homelessness



Photo credits: Daniela Martin