My Home: a Comprehensive support program for getting out of homelessness based on the Italian pattern

My Home

The project My Home It is a transnational cooperation project which aims to develop, Starting from the Italian experience, a pattern of response in emergency homelessness Poland
Elements of the model will have to be: the integration of services and joint training for the staff who could work within the services homelessness (social workers, guardians, Legal, local police, nurses, doctors, social policy officer, etc)
The fio. PSD, as an expert partner in national advocacy, study and training, It is called to promote knowledge – also through a visiting study – the possible response strategies to extreme poverty by describing the main stages of the Italian model, the advocacy and technical expertise that has made available in the Italian context for the definition of new and innovative responses such as the Housing First

The project partners are:

Polish Foundation of the Opportunities Industrialization Centers “OIC (Lublin, Poland)
FIO. PSD, Italy
Foundation Charity House “A. Abriani”, Milan

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