Without resources for a true inclusion there is no future for the poor

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The 17 October is the anniversary every year and as always we have to deal with the uncertainty that surrounds the future of people in poverty and public institutions and non-profit and voluntary organizations working in favor of the poorest.
And’ This time of the stability law (Former Finance Law) that fact has just been presented in the draft approved by the Cabinet two days ago. Since this law depend the destinies of many services that operate to support the citizens of our country's most disadvantaged.
This is why the Stability Law is expected as a turning point to show the state caring for those suffering from the absence of house, income, health and a more comfortable future.
In recent weeks, – Stefano says Galliani, President FAS. PSD “we positively emphasized the strategy of the Government and Minister Giovannini (Welfare); today, Instead, fio.PSD has a critical assessment on the text presented is insufficient because the comparison between the measures funded and commitments made by the Government Letta towards all Italian, in particular for the poorest”

FIO.psd Welcomes the so-called refinancing “social card” also for the 2014 but emphasizes the importance that this measure is supported by accompanying actions and social inclusion that are able to guarantee a real impact for homeless people is crucial to the work done by private social services because they have access to the benefits of “Social Card”.

However, it remains incomprehensible lack, in the law presented, of any reference to specific funds for social inclusion, fate still uncertain of the National Welfare Fund, the suppression of the Fund Rentals, the reduction of the fund elderly care.
Remember Galliani “Without these tools we wonder how the services provided by the municipalities can be guaranteed, the prevention of evictions, the accompanying measures for the homeless”

FIO.psd then make every effort so that both the Parliamentary discussion attention was paid to the refinancing of these measures with adequate resources for interventions can not be deferred for social inclusion.

Is not it time savings and linear cuts on social. The social is investment and grow the economy of a country. fio.PSD with its 100 associated from Bolzano to Dubrovnik he is ready to play his game in favor of the poor. Now we ask the government to do the same Letta.

Rome, 17 October 2013

Stefano Galliani
President FAS. PSD