The Thematic Clusters by FEANTSA on Participation, He is also involved fio.PSD, It started in late April with pricing in Brussels on peer work

What does it mean peer work, because it is important, how to implement it and how to measure its effectiveness were the various elements that have peppered the proposal

The training was organized with the Glasgow Homelessness Network (GHN).The first day focused on the principles and theory of approaches peer while the second day the discussion was on the implementation and impact assessment of peer approaches. The training was conducted by David Kidd, who was a member of the FEANTSA Participation Working Group for several years and is a trainer for GHN

Among the training participants were members of EAPN, The street and Flow shower (Brussels), Sand (Denmark), roots Foundation (Barcelona), University of Ostrava (Czech Republic), Casa Ioana (Bucharest) Federation of humanitarian workers (France), Social Fund (Vienna)