The day was held following a concept map designed to channel energy towards a clear focus that could be a "manifesto of host systems", who, starting from the definition of the concept, comes to good practice.

The concept map – attached to this document – creates a reflection of the spiral movement.

After being divided into 4 groups 3 People we went to work on every single step.

Definition: we tried to define the concept of "asylum system".

The idea is not to give a defining final, but the definition of this group who has a dream and a vision of accepting.

So we tried to have a view that could be called transcendental, In this sentence, but referred to the composition of our group.

Starting from the etymology of the word "" and "host system" we have come to some sort of identity of our "host system" characterized by the following features:

  • It responds to primary / basic needs but not only,
  • It is a coherent network capable of capturing / intercept the needs,
  • It is not self,
  • parts / services are connected and integrated with each other,
  • It is self-generative,
  • acts in a space and time in a functional,
  • It facilitates change of people and the system itself
  • It is an open system.

The reflection has also placed emphasis on "those who build the system" and "those who think the system". A dense question of meaning has been:

  • Anyone who thinks the system is also those who build? O they are distinct and separate?

concreteness: the idea we have moved to identify concrete steps by which our vision can become reality.

During this sharing have emerged two metaphors of host systems: quell’hive and that of nave.

A concrete step has been the sharing of a minimum level of assurance on which to base the welcome. Then the involvement of the services and the persons received, the ability to hybridize with different systems and to train for the occasion, awareness of the territory, the ability to share, the ability to listen and empathize, the mutual recognition and the guidance and direction.

On this point, the reflection has been very intense, because connected to the above question. Sometimes those who guide the system goes in a different direction from the one for which the system was born. It serves as guidance and direction are probable.

Values: We then moved on to reflect on the values ​​on which is based the idea that we have of the "host systems".

It starts from the assumption that they may be equal and shared there is the possibility that each give a different meaning to the same word that indicates a certain value.

Clarifying the values ​​and meaning that we assume in a context such as this raises the possibility of intervention and action.

Below is a brief discussion of the shared values:

  • Justice, in the triple meaning of social redemption, equal opportunities and access to services
  • enforce change
  • the inclusion designed to supplement
  • gender equality (It emerged from a group of men-only ...)
  • than in the sense of restoring the dignity of parties
  • professionalism
  • identity as a territory and place of recognition
  • education in the sense, namely that the system is educating (from lead) and bring out the potential of it is part and who is welcomed
  • the law in line with the rules and the legitimacy of the routes
  • humanity understood as love for all people, with equal dignity and hospitality indiscriminate
  • Democracy as participation of all and as a protagonist of the last
  • the right and courage.

Adequacy :Finally we went to the reflection on how the values ​​that we deem necessary and founding of our asylum system to be in line not only with its definition, but also with the ongoing projects, with good practice and with future projects Guidelines and the LEA).

Next meeting: 17 may 2018