Activity Report

The fio. PSD has the Activity Report describing briefly the main actions and results achieved in the period may 2016 – may 2017

The report contains 10 infographics each dedicated to a specific theme: the part of identity and membership of the Federation with its 126 Members (Caritas, Coops, Municipalities, Associations, etc) and the services they manage (listening and social action, day centres, soup kitchens, dorms ec); institutional actions of confrontation, Exchange and improvement of services where fio. PSD is involved as a strategic partner (Ministerial policy planning tables – PON Inclusion and, European networks on the serious poverty – FEAD, and on the’Housing First – HF HUB); training activities during which fio. PSD is called to be a bearer of culture, good practice and service innovation in support of people living the most complex of inconvenience: poverty in its extreme. Introduces the design and networking at the national level with collaboration on specific themes such as minimum income with Alliance against poverty, human rights and equality with the network of the even numbers and, at European level, the one on gender-based violence (ERASMUS +) or, yet, hate crimes against homeless people (FEANTSA), the new comers and points of acceptance (FEANTSA)

The latest infographics open to some future activities of the Federation, to enhance the work of the partners and feed a thoughtful and constructive movement of good practice and service culture, has started National working groups, laboratories of thought and practices that aim to build a common culture of working with homeless people and especially update Guidelines to combat serious marginalization Italy adult


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