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Basic income

For many but not for everyone

The Decree Law 28 January 2019, n. 4 (Official Journal) It introduced in the Italian welfare system Basic income, in place of Include income, to be understood as stated in art. 1 “as a key measure of active employment policy to guarantee the right to work, to combat poverty, inequality and social exclusion, and aimed at fostering the right to information, education, training and culture through policies to support economic and social inclusion of those at risk of marginalization in society and in the workplace "

As already expressed in the note fio.PSD presented at a hearing in the Senate, some points deserve clarification, in particular as it regards effective access to the extent of homelessness
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First of all, the requirement of Residence, that according to the decree (art.2, paragraph 1, letter) must be held for at least 10 years, of which the last 2 consecutively, but just homeless people can hardly fulfill this requirement, as they often have intermittent periods of residence or have lost it for some time and only just over 200 Municipalities of 8.000 deliberated and established the Fictitious residence

Senate Hearing 5 February 2019

Note fio.PSD

Access to Income

The second point concerns the question left open art.2, paragraph 2 decree, which reads The cases of access to the measure referred to in paragraph 1 They can be integrated, in surplus hypothesis of available resources, a regulation issued pursuant to Article 17, paragraph 1, of the law 23 August 1988, n. 400, on the basis of poor socio-economic indicators that reflect the characteristics of multidimensionality of poverty and take into account, as well as the economic situation, also of social exclusion, disability, social and health deprivation, educational and housing. They can also be foreseen non-monetary measures to supplement the DRC, such measures in favor of the use of public transport, support at home, education and health protection

This paragraph may be an opening for the homeless, as it recognizes that poverty is often the result of a complex web of issues that go beyond the lack of employment per se. It seems that there is still room for integrated support interventions for homeless people might qualify to the CBI

Support for Lease

A third point that we must clarify the economic benefit to the part of economic benefit intended to support for leasing (art. 3, paragraph 1, b).

Since the economic benefit provisions of the Decree also depends on housing needs and in this case from the rent, we wonder: even in the absence of rented dwellingand then in the presence of a extreme need housing, the economic benefit part can equally be requested and used just for lease, or if this part of the benefit is lost if at the time of the request for SAFC that requirement is not satisfied?

We look forward to answer… and will update this page as soon there will be news

Text of the Decree

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