Women homeless at risk of abuse than men. Launch of a European project

The goal is to train workers to recognize abuse and secure them. According to the President Avonto, They are "the ideal target's Housing First". And on sharpening tools poverty: "Well, but Rei on what citizenship the government assess good, in other countries the objective is failed "

06 July 2018

BOLOGNA - Women are about a third of 50 thousand homeless people estimated by Istat, but their condition is more dramatic, because they have less services in general and insufficient dedicated services. Only from the sanitary point of view. And during the cycle, For example, "Their condition is devastating", Cristina explains Avonto, President of the Italian Federation agencies for homeless.
"They are exposed to all kinds of abuse and violence. They often have psychiatric problems or develop important psychological frailty associated with living in the street, where you are at the mercy of people who meet "…..

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