Poverty in Italy between acceptance and annoyance

“Dear friend, we hope that tonight you suffer less from cold. We apologize on behalf of the city”, This is the message along with new blankets and clothing that some citizens of Trieste left in the place where the deputy mayor had instead removed them then reporting back on Facebook. Only the cue, for us the whole city is talking about, to understand how we react to the daily discomfort that surrounds us


The guests:

Caterina Cortese deals with education research and social innovation for fio.PSD – Italian Federation of Organizations for homeless people

Martino Cervo, deputy director of Truth

Stefano Lampertico Director of Scarp de tenis, Milan newspaper sold by homeless made by professional journalists

Francesco Conte Director of TV Terms

Don Giampaolo Sartoretto Church pastor s. Giuseppe in Rome Nomentano