In all, 29 PON projects, that They are owned by Regions and Metropolitan cities

All have signed the agreement with the Ministry and almost all reported that they have started the activities through the publication of tenders for assignment of services, setting up control rooms for government projects, the training of public and private operators

The call notice 4 It began to divide 50 million Euros to be used by 2019, the others 50 mln they should be broken into 2020

The fio.PSD worked, and will continue to work, next to territories to accompany and monitor the development of projects and get it to a uniform use of funds is a real change in policy, They must become more innovative, more coordinated and above all uniform nationwide, overcoming the logic that today there is the classic situation patchy


Abruzzo, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania Emilia Romagna, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Liguria, Brands, Molise, Piedmont, Puglia, Sardinia, Umbria, Valle d'Aosta, Veneto, Lazio and Sicily


Bergamo scope, Bologna, Brescia scope, Scope plus the city of Cagliari, Como scope, Florence, Milan, Naples, Turin, Metropolitan City of Palermo, Rome capital city, Trento Autonomous Province
The actions foreseen ranging from
  • support paths to residential autonomy
  • Housing First ed Housing Led
  • social Secretariat
  • Low-threshold services
  • day centres
  • dorms
  • training
  • monitoring
  • establishment of inter-institutional control rooms

The challenge now is in fio.PSD ensure that the actions in development can become structural and constant over time and can find a programming continuity in Poverty Plans that the regions, through the initiative of the Ministry, they are preparing

Indeed, the Joint Conference of State and Regions, in date 10 May 2018, It approved the allotment for the amounts relating to the Poverty Plan in which it is expected the allocation of 20 million euro for policies to combat serious adult marginality


Starting from 2015, year during which it was published the Guiding Principles for the fight against homelessness adult marginalization in Italy (MLPS 2015), The Federation has worked for the guidelines could be matched by concrete actions

In 2016 the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy has published 'Warning 4/2016Proposals for action for the contrast to the severe adult marginalization and to the condition of homeless” to be financed from the Fund European Social, programming 2014-2020, National Operational Programme (PON) "Inclusion" and the Fund for European Aid to Indigent, programming 2014-2020, Operational Program for the delivery of food and assistance of base material (OP I FEAD)

The Ministry has allocated in the Structural Funds (ESF) 100 mln euro, the seven years, policies for the homeless, in a unitary logic, giving the specific address lines at all (ns Address Lines) and based on ISTAT data to decide how much money should reach every area than the number of homeless detected on specific territory

These 100 ml are compounds for the 50% of ESF funds (designed in PON and INCLUSION, then, direct services to people) and for the 50% Fondi da FEAD (material aid)