The fio.PSD is pleased to publish for the first time a list of * Fictitious Vie today active in medium and large Italian cities (present In addition 200 cities from ALL regions). This is a list in progress and evolving ... as the people who follow

The Via Dummy it is certainly the way where no one lives de facto - it does not really exist - but It is the only way for many because it allows homeless people to exist

If the homeless person does not have an address or a real address (headquarters of your business) In the town hall, but only it elects domicile in order to request and obtain birth registration, as his right, the registrar establishing a fictitious street, territorially but not existing equivalent legal value. In this way will be enrolled with odd sequence number is the homeless, both homeless (Street lawyer, Workshop GLN fio.PSD of 30 November 2017 - Modena)