Sabato 8 July 17.00 got the House in the neighborhood via Morgari 14 in Turin took the start of operations of AIPSD (Italian Association Of Homeless People)

AIPSD is an association that aims to represent the situation of homeless people, is founded and run by people who live or lived the way

The main purpose of the Association is to give voice and propose projects that could improve the condition of homelessness, do it in collaboration with public and private entities or individuals who care about this issue and do outreach through meetings, debates and initiatives to raise awareness of the criticality of this condition

Social protection and self-determination of this band is the mission of AIPSD

The Federation cooperates with AIPSD to fulfill this project at the national level
In September we start with planning and project initiation of investigation and social promotion “We build a bill of rights for homeless people” that'll be an awareness, cultural politics to keep vigilant on the issue of the dignity and rights
The City of Turin He pledged to support the initiative
The exploratory survey estimates to meet 600 PSD to 5 big cities (Turin, Rome, Milan, Naples, Florence and if possible even Palermo) and 2 medium/large cities (Trieste and Como).

Will be AIPSD to treat the survey and interviews will be made by PSD to other PSD in various cities, the FIO. PSD will take care of processing the data
Will be asked to State support for travel and tickets to some professors to stand Guarantor Technician to safeguard the reliability of the survey that will still be an exploratory cut
Fio.psd members will be involved to the extent that may facilitate the detection at their night services and give hospitality and support to “motion detectors”
We believe it's really an initiative that can testify ability and hope for those who until recently was living without planning and today has been shown to have desire to do and get out/change the system


Press release fio. PSD


Press Release AIPSD

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