The National working groups (GLN) in fio.PSD, born about a year ago with the aim to improve skills, build a shared culture of work with homeless people and especially update the Guiding Principles for the fight against homelessness adult marginalization in Italy, approach the first plenary meeting – identified in the shareholders' meeting next May 2018 – to share what has been done up to now d

I GLN, despite the efforts and the operational difficulties that all members living in their territories, not least the usual emergency cold, They are now the instrument on which the Federation is investing to recognize the importance of working from the bottom, of participation and listening instances

The theme of socio-health and preventive approach underlined by GLN TAKING CHARGE and IHSC; the awareness campaign on the Right to Vote backed by fio.PSD and street Lawyer thanks to the insights brought forward by the GLN STREET WORK and RESIDENCE; enhancement of hospitality venues but also the search “other places” comfortable for our people (theatres, cinema, museums, public spaces) are some of the topics covered by the GLN COMMUNITY WORK and ACTIVE PARTICIPATION

These and other considerations are enlivening the GLN will be ready in May to give back to their communities fio.PSD stimuli to enhance and improve services