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The Federation's project partners Generativity: manage it!

The project is developed starting from a definite methodological reference: the generativity Describes an autonomous system, from which participants can learn an autonomous capacity to create, generate, create or produce new unique content compared to starting system, without any further help from the promoters of the original system.

The project responds to the needs of those who manage daily operations social field (homeless, refugees, migrants, education, mental health, disability, of training, equal opportunities).

Substantive objectives are the strengthening of quality of expertise in designing and realization of social forestry effective and sustainable through:

  • l ’ supply of teaching materials
  • creating a dimension group collaborative enhancement
  • l ’ ICT skills and PCM.

To achieve these goals, the partnership is composed of high level organizations, creating a consortium that integrates inside both the formal and substantive plan. On a formal level, the partnership is composed of:

  • local associations of 1° level: Nineteen (EN), KEA (EL), Danmar Computers (PL),European Evaluation Company (United Kingdom), Cardet (CY)
  • 2° national and regional organizations: University of Thessaly (EL), FIO. PSD (EN) and FNARS (FR)
  • European federations of 3° level: FEANTSA (BE), that is the project promoter and applying

The project defines a clear distribution of target groups and related activities on 3 different levels of substantive operations:

1° level: professionals, trainers and senior experts from nineteen (EN), Danmar (PL), Cardet (CY) and the ’ University of Thessaly (EL), will be engaged to discuss and further develop expertise in adult learning and PCM, in order to pass their skills all ’ in a generative pattern

2° level: educational staff and professionals from FEANTSA (BE), FNARS (FR), FIO. PSD (EN), KEA (EL) will receive training on the PCM methodology implemented in environment 2.0; all training will receive a certificate Europass

3° level: adult learners and users of social and educational interventions, as an expression of civil society (BE, EN, FR, PL, EL, CY, UK), they belong to different social classes, such as the unemployed, immigrants, retirees, who need to qualify for a sustainable and effective intervention all ’ within an educational community increasingly inclusive, to develop their skills and competences.


The project has produced three Intellectual Output (I) which can be viewed by clicking on the following link:

IO1 – Educational platform on project cycle management

IO2 – Training modules

IO3 – Online Tutorials


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Generativity – Intellectual Output 03

Online Practice These online exercises are the third intellectual production of generativity project. They were designed and developed by Danmar Computers, who he assigned to the various implementing partners of each tutorial. I tutorial...

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Generativity – Intellectual Output 02

Training modules The training modules are the second work of genius (IO2) generativity of the project, and respond to the specific objective of strengthening the design skills of the community of social and educational professionals within an environment 2.0. I...

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Generativity – Intellectual Output 01

Educational platform on project cycle management IL PROGETTO GENERATIVITY “Generativity: manage it!"Is a project that responds to some of the critical issues that third sector organizations experience in design work in different areas of intervention,...

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Generativity: June 2017 on Syros

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